Inspiring Images

Long before Instagram, Facebook, or other picture saturated sites were popular, I was taking pictures. Not professionally, of course, but simply for myself. Photography has always been a way for me to capture a moment, a sight, a scene, a memory. It's very personal, as it usually reflects some emotion that was created inside me when I witnessed that particular moment.

Lately, I have been on the move: Travel, appointments, work obligations, you name it. But, I have continued to take pictures, either to document something I want to revisit later, or to simply capture a feeling I want to hold onto long after I have left that spot. So in no particular order, here are some of my images to perhaps inspire your day.


 Oh, my roses! I find every excuse possible to walk by this window...

 What's the start of summer without fresh peaches? And what better way to eat them than in a peach cobbler???

 This picture was sent to me by a friend who knows I love the beach. I'll be there soon enough -- just you wait!

A customer brilliantly paired these two Interior Canvas Home patterns together in a little girl's room. Pink and Gray are one of my favorite color combinations!


I do love a good boxwood lined driveway. And this one does not disappoint!

Props to my sister who is KILLING it in the vegetable garden inspiration area. Get ready for an abundance of cucumbers, tomatoes, herbs and more in here!

The abundance of rain has supersized my hydrangea bushes! 

I took this picture while on a walk in Charlottesville. The views of those Blue Ridge Mountains are breathtaking.


You cannot enjoy your garden without a good garden bench. Countless cocktail hours have already been spent here while watching the kids play in the yard.


 The O'More Show House has been on display for the last two weeks. I finally was able to  go and see. I am so glad I did! This mantle, designed by Dana Goodman, was simply perfect. I loved everything about its abstract cohesiveness! 

Jonathan Savage knocked it out of the park with this curated office in the Show House. The wallpaper pattern, called "Shatter," is from the Dorothy Draper archives (now owned by Carleton V). Jonathan collaborated with Carleton V on this pattern's color scheme, to give it a more modern/current vibe, and launched the revised look this Spring. That gorgeous painting hanging on the wall is from Nashville's own Kayce Hughes. The rich blues and perfect creams woven throughout this entire space won me over!

The Mark Simmons designed master suite was stunning. I loved this bedside table (Bunny Williams Home hourglass table) cozying up to the beautiful bed with white sheer hanging linens and Matouk bedding. I'm normally wouldn't think of a master having navy walls - but it just worked here. Bravo.

I was beyond happy to excited to see my Interior Canvas Home fabrics in Kay Evers room of the O'More Show House! I love her creative use of my trellis pattern on a screen (to hide a storage door), and several pillows with my vine fabric were placed on pieces of furniture throughout the entertaining space. So thrilling to see!


Meanwhile, more rain brought more blooms.

My hydrangeas are starting to bloom. These will all be white and glorious. I love how they spill over the stone wall!

And here are purple and pink ones along my driveway. So happy!


Day Lilies have been bursting open. Their brilliant orange colors remind me that the hot summer days are here!

And finally, my knock-out roses are bursting with blooms. I transplanted all of these from the other side of the yard last fall. Fingers and toes were crossed they would make it - and boy, did they ever!


And with that, I'll leave you here in your thoughts--and maybe a few daydreams. I hope you stay inspired, take pictures, be present and enjoy the moments (big or little). These are days you'll remember....













All images taken by Anna-Kristin Yarbrough for Interior Canvas