Little Free Library

It all started over a year ago when I was driving through one of my friend's neighborhoods. As I turned the corner, I noticed what looked to be a large oversized birdhouse with a door on the front. I wondered to myself what its purpose was, as it was clearly not a birdhouse with no hole for entry, while also being too low and too close to the street. Coming to a complete stop in my car, I hopped out and realized there were books, lots of books, filling up the inside of this little house. On the front, it simply said, "Little Free Library." I was immediately intrigued and hurried home to see if there was anything on the internet about it. After doing a little search on Google, I realized there was an entire community of "Little Free Library" advocates. WHO KNEW? A website dedicated to the concept even provided instructions on how to devise these little contraptions, various shapes and sizes they could be in, instructions for how to run these little libraries, and more. Essentially, these little structures were bringing together a street, neighborhood or community with the common thread of having a love for books and reading. Brilliant.

My idea began to hatch that perhaps my own neighborhood would be interested in this idea. I decided to email my neighbors on the neighborhood listserve and see what people might say. The feedback was instant and overwhelmingly positive. The neighborhood was excited! 

Six months and 3 (yes three!) little libraries later, our neighborhood has enjoyed its newest additions. Neighbors can borrow and donate books at will. Adult and children books fill these little houses, while encouraging conversation and community.

It makes me smile as I see old and young neighbors alike, stopping by to check out the latest literary inventory in these little houses. Perhaps your neighborhood needs a little library too! Click here to learn more about them. 


Happy Summer!