The Simpler the Better

      Countertops. From tile to granite, marble to concrete...the options are endless. How do you choose? Which color/style/hue/texture do you pick?  Too many choices can be overwhelming!  We turned to Natalie Hager, of Natalie Hager Interiors, for her expertise and tips on the subject. BACKGROUND:  Natalie Hager Interiors, located in Nashville, TN, opened its doors in 2009 in response to a growing clientele of homeowners and business entrepreneurs desiring a fresh and affordable approach to design.  Natalie was named "Best Interior Designer in 2010" in the Nashville Scene’s Best of Nashville.  She prides herself in a vintage modern look that reflects both the past and present.  Her design philosophy is to create beautiful and functional spaces that reflect her clients’ personalities while having a little fun along the way.   The Simpler the Better When I design, I find the simpler, the better.  When it comes to kitchen and bath countertops, my philosophy stays the same, moins c’est plus. The trend in countertops is less movement and more solidity of color, which means granite is becoming less popular to marble, quartz and other unexpected materials. Here are five of my favorite go-to countertops:   1. Lagos Blue Caesarstone Caesarstone is a manmade natural quartz composite material that is as durable as granite but can be made to resemble a marble or soapstone. It comes in an array of different colors, but my favorite it Lagos Blue. It’s made to look like Lagos Azul limestone, a hard to find grayish, brownish bluish limestone. Lagos Blue Caesarstone looks great in both modern and transitional kitchens and baths. It’s a great choice when durability is key—c’est parfait pour les enfants.   2. Butcher Block Butcher Block is making a come back in the design world. It can either be beat up like your favorite pair of stone washed jeans or slick and polished like your mom’s dining room table. I like to use butcher block when trying to gain a rustic farmhouse table look in kitchens.     3. Stainless Steel Stainless Steel countertops are fun and unexpected. I like to use them to achieve a cuisine industrielle. Getting a high gauge stainless steel is important so that your countertop doesn’t easily scratch. I find that they are price effective and easy to clean. 4. Bianco Miramar Granite This is one of my favorite granites because it looks like White Carrara marble but doesn’t stain or scratch as easily as a marble. I like to use Bianco Miramar granite in transitional and traditional kitchens and baths. The creamy white with gray veining material looks great in just about every setting.   5. Honed Absolute Black Granite Honed Absolute Black granite is a great choice for transitional and modern kitchens. It’s a great compromise to black soapstone that can be expensive and hard to maintain. I like to pair this black granite with white in baths and kitchens with a deco motif for a retro flare. The only draw back is fingerprints, so make sure to have your cleaner dans la mains. What I tell all my clients is regardless of which countertop that you choose, make sure that you choose a material that meets your function. If you are less inclined to keep things up, don’t get a natural material that requires polishing. If you have kids, don’t get something like a marble or soapstone that easily stains and scratches. The simpler the better! Happy countertop hunting!  *** If you are undergoing a kitchen or bath remodel, or if  you have other design needs, feel free to contact Natalie Hager Interiors for more information at

(all photos in this posting are from Natalie's personal portfolio)

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