Designing with Felt

Have you ever thought of recovering your favorite reading chair in FELT?  Never, you say? Well you may change your mind after reading today's post.  Felt is making a comeback in a big way. For a younger, fresher and more budget friendly approach to upholstering your next piece of furniture, you may want to consider this material. Why, you ask?  We turned to Lisa Zager of Zager Interiors to educate us on the subject and possibly convert a few of us in the process.

BACKGROUND: Lisa Zager Interior Design was established in 2002, upon relocating to Nashville, Tennessee from Chicago, Illinois.  In Chicago, Lisa graduated from Harrington Institute of Interior Design.  She also attended painting and drawing classes at the Art Institute of Chicago.  Lisa lives with her two teenage sons and an Old English Sheepdog, named Peggy.

Lisa's approach to design is simple, emphasizing functionality with a discerning eye for scale and color placement. She is always in search of alternative ways to utilize simple materials. Her experience is in both residential and commercial design, often working with commercial developers on development of exterior building projects, color choices and plans. Lisa always strives to achieve the best solution to revitalize where her client lives and/or works.

Designing with Felt

Thank you Interior Canvas! I am really excited to be writing for you!   

Today I am writing about FELT!  You know…the fabric that we all have used to do DIY projects at home or have used to help our children with the famous school art projects! Wool Felt is my new favorite material to think about first and it's characteristics are great! Felt is:                 biodegradable wool felt is water-resistant & self-extinguishing acoustic insulation properties non-directional natural (because it comes from sheep!) won't break your purse! available in many amazing colors Also, wool felt comes in different thicknesses.  I prefer to use the 2mm or 3mm thickness for upholstery or pillows.  Felt can also be used as panels for dividing space.  Laser-cutting is such a popular treatment now using wood, metal and/ or fabric.  Laser cut panels of felt can be absolutely beautiful in a residential or commercial space.  Of course, if you have a sound issue, use of felt panels can work quite nicely to absorb the noise. You don't need to stitch it or glue the edges, and felt can actually be cut into any shape that you desire…..great for runners to spruce up any entry or hallway. The photographs enclosed are examples of how we handled felt with two "found" inexpensive chairs. The drawings shown are a clear example for your upholsterer which exhibits the reverse of color on the second chair……always a good idea to be clear!       I hope you enjoy my little blurb …..I love FELT!

Lisa Zager Interiors


(First image:; last 5 images: Lisa Zager's personal portfolio)