When you enter through the doors of Color, your eyes drool upon a visual feast.   Shades of green, hues of blue and ripples of earthtones are just a hint of what this store's objective is all about. Color's focus is just that: color.  With elaborate yet simple displays of their home accessories, gifts and tableware grouped by a common color, Color shows their customers  how to balance and blend their own displays at home, while creating cohesiveness within a room.  We talked to the experts at Color to explain more about this unique store and all that it has to offer. Tell us a little bit about Color, its concept and its mission. Color is locally owned and operated.  Color’s promise is to provide unmatched customer care, beautiful products and affordable prices, consistently every day, every minute, to every customer.  The mission of our Color Specialists is to provide you with a multi-sensory shopping experience of living beautifully, entertaining stylishly and giving generously! We are here to provide you with tools and education on simple interior design tips because Color understands that each customer’s needs are unique. From bridal registries to placemats, Color will set you up for success! Describe Color’s concept in approaching interior design as it relates to color. Immediately upon entering Color you are greeted by the colors, trends and concepts of the season, set up in collections to provide you with visual inspiration for whatever your style may be. A Color Specialist will show you how to incorporate these ideas into what you already have or create an exciting new look that delights the senses. Within each vignette, Color places a “template” to show you how this piece can be used year round and with any color scheme. Our wood votive centerpiece is a great example. Simply fill it with hydrangea blooms and berry branches in the spring or pumpkins, gourds and colorful leaves for the fall. This fabulous piece will guarantee you a fresh look for any season! Are there certain colors, or shades of colors, that most people gravitate to and also stay away from? You can select any color, but if you are unsure what colors are best for your home or party, let our specialists help you in the decision-making process. It has also been our experience that people will gravitate towards certain colors and textures depending on the season. This is where Color captivates the senses!  In the spring we offer softer pastels, in the summer crisp and vibrant tones, fall yields warm earthy hues, and in the winter we use festive colors to celebrate the holidays. Describe your collections at the store. What are your price points? At Color, expect the best of the best. You will find Nashville’s most captivating collection of home accessories, tableware, glassware, gifts and Juliska dinnerware at affordable prices to fit any budget. No matter why you walk into Color, you will leave inspired! Thank you Color!  We have enjoyed your multi-sensory approach to your post! We are looking forward to your store's success!

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2104 Crestmoor Rd. Nashville, TN 37215

(All pictures courtesy of Color)

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