In with the old...In with the new

When we "leave the nest" and start a journey of our own, we usually take with us at least one inherited "treasure." Be it a grandmother's lamp or an old desk of our parent's, we bring part of our past into our present.  As we continue down life's road, our treasures move with us. We compliment those treasures with other fixtures--some that are current, trendy, or simply fitting to our practical needs--others that are new to us but old to the eye, with a history that has started long before we were born.  But collectively, these items--both old and new--make up what we call home.  Blending these to create a seamless look can be more challenging than one might think, so we asked Betsy Wilt to share her thoughts, insight and inspiring photos on embracing the old and the new. BACKGROUND:  Betsy Wilt has been in the design business over 10 years, completing projects in various parts of the country.  She lives in Nashville with her husband and three little boys. In with the old...In with the new So this is where it all begins...At least for me!

I would be a fool to try and convince you that I know all about the world of interior design.  It is my most treasured hobby but I learn from only the veterans in the business.  My most beloved hero is the Late Great Albert Hadley.  He wasn't just in the business..he WAS the business and it's from this quiet giant that I have found most of my inspiration...

He had an impeccable eye for detail and continually created spaces using old and new pieces.  He could be found in the local flea markets and the most exquisite antique store in New York City.  He was an absolute master of combining elements on every level.  I recently came across a quote by him that sums up his persona "Nothing comes cheap, though the educated eye will always spot very nice things for the least money."   So... it's not about finding the most expensive piece of fabric or the latest and greatest transitional chair.  Its about the pieces that you love that you pick up along the way.

I appreciate and am inspired everyday in the world of design; A great magazine spread, contrasting textures of an old Georgian home or a pattern on one of my little boys' shirts.  I am constantly pulling together patterns, textures and color palettes to present to my clients.  To me, the art of design is in the execution of the process and ultimately the outcome of the project.  I find that well curated spaces translate to artful results in timeless places.  Bridging the gap between contemporary furnishings/art and traditional elements is not always an easy task.   It is my goal to create an effortlessly chic look that mirrors my clients personalities.  Your home is the most personal representation of yourself and the lifestyle you choose to live. So enough about my thoughts on design...I always appreciate the pictures the most anyway...   Thank you for sharing in my passion!  Well, one of my passions... (Image #2 - Architectural Digest; Image #3 - House Beautiful; All other images courtesey of Betsy Wilt)

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