Thursday Trick of the Trade: FABRIC

Question:  Let's talk about FABRIC: Name a fabric you have been working with recently and where did you use it?


"Benderlock" by Rogers and Goffigan - for a handsome study and Fandini Borghi for luxurious cut velvet pillows....(Sarah Bartholomew - Bartholomew Designs)

[caption id="attachment_2241" align="aligncenter" width="460" caption=""Benderlock" by Rogers & Goffigan"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_2242" align="aligncenter" width="442" caption=""Birches/Black" by F.Schumacher"]
Fandini Borghi Velvet

"High Voltage" in Smoke by F. Schumacher - I love the extra large graphic repeat. I have used on sofas and recently a banquette for my own home. Love it! (Jamie Beckwith - Beckwith Interiors)

"Birches/Black" by F. Schumacher  - The application was for an ottoman and the trees were mitered at the top. Although the ottoman pictured is still in the packaging, you could see how great it turned out! (Beth Haley - Beth Haley Designs)

[/caption]   Perennials in "White"- a line of acrylics or indoor/outdoor fabrics. I just finished using for a den in Sea Island, GA...(Ashley Holt - Ashley's Interiors)   Thank you to our contributing designers this week!  Tune in for future Trick of the Trade posts!   Image 1:; Image 2:; Image 3:; Image 4:  Beckwith Interiors; Image 5: Beth Haley Designs; Image 6:; Image 7:  

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