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We have been on a tile kick lately. So many styles, patterns, textures and colors out there to choose from! Most designers have their favorites, but how many can say they have their own line as a contender? Enter Jamie Beckwith. A talented entrpreneur and designer in her own right, Jamie was ready to challenge herself in a new way.  Creating a tile line made perfect sense to her and we are certainly delighted with the finished product!  We were lucky enough to chat with Jamie and get firsthand scoop on The Jamie Beckwith Collection. Tell us a bit about yourself and why you started your product line. I spent many years in the entertainment industry and, like many, came to Nashville by way of music. After beginning a family and spending some time at home, I found that I had this relentless need to creatively express myself. Creation and ingenuity is such an instinctive part of who we all are and I was certainly no exception. I have always had a particular interest in interior design and home decor.  Several years ago, a unique design opportunity presented itself and, thus, ignited my career as a designer. Since then I haven’t looked back! In addition to running a full service interior design firm and showroom, I launched the Jamie Beckwith Collection in 2008. Through designing, I felt that the flooring industry lacked unique options. I wanted flooring to be a design element and not an afterthought. While working closely with local craftsmen, I began to explore pattern and geometry. With their skill and my creative direction we were able to prototype our first product, Jigsaw. Once the collection gained momentum in the market place I decided to take manufacturing in house. There have been tremendous learning curves along the way but the knowledge I have gained has been invaluable. What would you define as your signature style and is that reflected in your collection? My designs are heavily focused on customization and a strong sense of geometry. I look at every surface as an opportunity to explore dimension, structure, shape and light. My passion for travel, fashion and art are apparent in all of my collections and, of course, nature is an on-going source for inspiration. Describe your product lines--what are they made from, how do you maintain them, are they manufactured locally/internationally, etc. All Jamie Beckwith Collection products are manufactured in Nashville, TN. Our wood is regionally sourced from neighboring states. We use water-based stains and finish our products with environmentally responsible top coatings. Enigma is our collection of engineered, luxury wood tiles. With fourteen patterns to choose from, offered in white oak and walnut & six stain options, the possibilities are endless. Enigma performs, and is maintained, just as any other high-end engineered wood flooring. The obvious care that goes along with maintaining hardwood flooring needs to be considered. Mosaic is our end grain, solid wood flooring. This product is only sold in its’ raw form and is finished on site. Individual blocks come together to create a beautiful arrangement. Offered in the following six wood species: Ash, Southern Maple, Northern Maple, Red Oak, Walnut and Red Gum. Projection is a multi-dimensional, end-grain wood block primarily utilized for vertical applications. Offered in a bevy of options; Rustic, Polished, Color and Linear, Projection adds depth and interest to both residential and commercial interiors. Also available in the same species as Mosaic. Our latest product offering, Embellished, is a juxtaposition of organic materials. Nature’s most delicate minerals are carefully placed within a routed wood block. Each piece is uniquely individual and displays the structure and intricacies of the geode or gemstone. Combine with Projection blocks or use alone to create your own artwork. Do you have a favorite piece in your collection? Right now my favorite product is Stella from the Enigma collection, made from Walnut and finished in either Pickled Pearl or Grey Moonstone. This pattern, inspired by fashion, creates an intricate double-repeat with its bevels. Any fun/interesting stories about where a client has decided to use one of your pieces in a not so traditional place? It has become quite a trend to put our Enigma flooring tiles on vertical surfaces and ceilings; especially as fireplace surrounds. However, one installation that stands out in my mind was a show house’s mini-bar where they installed Jigsaw as the countertop. Thank you Jamie!  We love these amazing tiles!  For more information about Jamie, her collection and her design business, read below:  

Jamie Beckwith Collection

800 Fesslers Lane

Nashville, TN 37210

PH: 615.254.1937

Beckwith Interiors

421 Enos Reed Drive

Nashville, TN 37210

PH: 615.356.0808

(All images courtesy of Jamie Beckwith)

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