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The skirted table has become a popular accessory in the interior world. In addition to adding color, pattern and texture to a space, it helps tie a room together or provides a necessary accent to offset too much "matchy-ness."  Skirted tables also serve as a less expensive alternative to upholstery.  With the Holiday Season making all of our budgets a bit smaller, this piece of news makes the skirted table a strong contender if you are wanting to do something inexpensive to freshen up your home.  Caroline West,  owner of Flair Vintage Decor, offered to share her thoughts on the subject and give us a peek at her own skirted tables at home.  

(Amanda Nisbet)

I love tailored table skirts!  Call me old-fashioned, but a tailored table skirt with an updated pattern or color has a really great look!  I would definitely recommend this design element for your entry….

(Tom Scheerer)

A tailored table skirt is an easy way to soften a space and to add that pop of color.  In addition, it can add a layer of complexity or help you transition between rooms.  

(Palmer Weiss)


(Anna Spiro) 

  When choosing a table skirt fabric…consider an ikat, animal, Greek key or an oversized graphic print.  These choices will give you a classic, but updated look!  

Skirted tables are also wonderful to hide clutter…think about your TV console with all of those unsightly wires and cables, bedside tables…and desks.

(Palmer Weiss)

When I used a table skirt in my own entry, I found an ikat fabric that was perfect to transition between our living and dining rooms (on either side of the entry).  I called the upholsterer, he made the tailored table skirts and I love the result!Happy Holidays!


 Thank you Caroline!  For more information on Caroline's store or design business, please read below!

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