The Southern C: the Social Network of the SOUTH

If you are looking for the hot new designer in Atlanta, information on an upcoming festival in New Orleans or reviews about a charming hotel in Charleston, look no further.  We are proud to feature the Southern social network of the SOUTH, The Southern C!  We love this interactive site on everything Southern (believe us, it's addicting!!), and we wanted to share it with you! So we went straight to the ladies who founded this site to give us all of the scoop about this fantastic concept. 1. What's the story behind the Southern C: Where did the name come from and what did you want to accomplish with this site? The Southern Coterie is an online community where southerners and all those who love the south can connect, congregate and converse about the things that matter to us most!  We love the word co·te·rie/ˈkōtərē/ - a community of folks with common and similar interests – in this case, the South.  Our husbands didn't think people would be able to spell coterie and google our website so it became  It's an exciting collaborative effort celebrating the South and the people, places and things that encompass our location and unique lifestyle. We set out to create a place where people can share with one another and learn from each other just as we do with our friends. 2. Who are the creators of the site and tell us a little bit about them?
We are two longtime friends (Cheri Leavy and Whitney Long) with a shared passion for southern lifestyle and landscape. Cheri hails from St.Simons, GA with a passion for the UGA Bulldogs.  Whitney is an Alabama native and  Auburn University alum. With freelance writing, journalism, and various publications under our respective belts -- a collaborative, creative effort was inevidible.
To read more about us, read here .
3. What can new users find on the site?
Seafood Gumbo
Whether searching for the hottest restaurants in Charleston, finding the perfect spot for a seaside wedding on 30-A, sharing grandmother’s famous recipe for pimento cheese, learning more about the oyster men of Appalachia Bay, listening to the Blind Boys of Alabama sing an amazing rendition of "Amazing Grace",  discussing the Dawgs, Tide, Tigers or Gamecocks,  perusing photos of our southern landscape or reading your favorite southern blogger, The Southern Coterie is the place to go to learn, ask questions, share experiences and communicate with our friends.
4. What's in the future for the Southern C?
We are bringing together the best of the southern blogging community, businesses and brands for learning and networking opportunities at The Southern C Summit on May 1-3 on Jekyll Island, Georgia.  Our intimate niche gathering of southern creatives will offer rich content, conversation and collaboration all overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.  Jam-packed with educational sessions, panel discussions and keynote presentations from well-known southern names and social media leaders, attendees will learn useful take-away information and strategic ideas to implement immediately.
Here at Interior Canvas, we were delighted to be featured recently on the Southern C site!  Read here to see our fun interview.
Thank you again, Southern C, for being our guest!  Keep up the great work in showcasing everything Southern! To read their blog, you may click on their contact information below:
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(Images courtesy of The Southern C)