The O'More Designer Show House Sneak Peek (Part II)


We can hardly believe February has almost come to a close. Daffodils and cherry trees are starting to blossom. Spring is literally around the corner--and so is the O'More Designer Show House! Today we profile three more amazing and talented design firms and the rooms they'll be designing for this incredible event.

Let's Talk About the Dining Room:

When we think of the dining room, we think of a more formal spot in the home.  Most of us only use this area for entertaining company or celebrating special occasions.  But just because you may be dusting your dining room more than eating in it, that doesn't mean the interior details should be overlooked! With Dana Goodman and Crysta Parish (class of 2002) of Dana Goodman Interiors  at the helm of this part of the Show House, we are certain their impeccable touches will not disappoint.

 With over 25 years in the business, Dana Goodman has had plenty of places to hone her very talented design skills. From homes to commercial spaces and a few jets and yachts in between, Dana's work has garnered local and national acclaim.

Her projects have been featured in several publications, including Traditional Home, The Tennessean and Nashville Lifestyles. But Dana brings extra power to her punch with Crysta Parish right behind her. Graduate of O'More and now Senior Interior Designer at Dana Goodman Interiors, Crysta's diverse projects and wide-ranging proficiencies bring a fresh fusion of added talent to this team.

Just by looking at some of the beautiful spaces this firm has designed, we can't wait to see what Dana and Crysta's collaboration will bring to the O'More Show House's dining room!


Let's Talk about the Breakfast Room:

The breakfast room is one of our favorite spaces in the home--and one that is used quite frequently!  Durability and functionality are key here, but who says that means this room has to be visually boring as well?  Bold fabrics--why not?  Oversized light fixture--bring on the drama!  Vibrant pops of color--absolutely!  The sky's the limit in this small but definitely not overlooked space. And who better to infuse their talent into the O'More Show House breakfast room than O'More graduate, Jonathan Savage of Savage Interior Design!

 After graduating in 2008 from the O'More College of Design, Jonathan worked in New York City at the esteemed David Kleinberg Design Associates, before finally coming back home to Nashville and opening his own firm, Savage Interior Design.  In addition to his work here locally, Jonathan's projects have spanned from New York to California and there is no sign in sight of him slowing down.

Jonathan is no stranger to dramatic presentations (Antiques and Garden Show, anyone?), so we can only imagine what this project will produce. Maybe these examples of his work will give us hints at what we might see in April. We can't wait!!


Let's Talk about the Outdoor Area:

 Whether it be a porch, deck, patio or veranda, the outdoor area of the home is just as important as the indoor.  Weather elements do factor in for this space, so one must keep in mind things like weather-tolerant fabric and durable furniture. But don't worry, that doesn't mean style has to get sacrificed. These days there is an incredible variety of fabric and furniture available for outdoor use. Companies and manufacturers are well aware that customers enjoy their outdoor space and want the same quality, caliber and look to their outdoor areas just as much as their indoor areas. Just take a look at what your outdoor space can look like these days!

Who better to keep the outdoor space of the O'More Show House stylish and savvy than Louise Kitchell (class of 1976) and Linda Tallent Brown (class of 1983) of Kitchell and Brown Interiors. Since joining  together and opening their firm in 1992, these award-winning designers have been published in national magazines and have even appeared on HGTV!   We can't wait to see what transformations these ladies will bring to the exterior spaces of the Show House.

This all-star lineup of experts designing the O'More Show House is simply amazing!  Stay tuned for our next sneak peek to see who else will be a part of this fantastic project.  We are getting excited!


(Image credits: 1-O'More School of Design Show House; 2-4-Dana Goodman Interiors; 5-8-Savage Interior Design; 9-Traditional Home; 10-Pinterest;; 12-Kitchell&Brown Interiors )

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