Meet Mae! St. Jude’s Ambassador to Southern Living’s 2013 Idea House

Mae poses in front of the Idea House.

Photo Courtesy: Sarah Lee

As you all know by now, we are so excited about the upcoming 2013 Southern Living Idea House at the Fontanel and can’t wait to see and be inspired by all of the home’s design and decorating ideas. But did you know that the house is also a partnership with St Jude Children’s Research Hospital? A portion of the proceeds from this year’s Idea House, which opens for tours June 29, will benefit both research and patient care. St. Jude has selected one of its spirited young patients — Mae of Nashville to serve as the official Ambassador to the Idea House at Fontanel. Richard C. Shadyac Jr., CEO of ALSAC/St. Jude Research Hospital says, “Mae, whose charming personality and infectious joy make her a great fit for this project, will serve as a tangible link at the Idea House to the many children receiving groundbreaking treatment at St. Jude.” Mae’s mom chimes in, “Mae definitely has strong design opinions — she loves a lot of purple. But, I know that she will help infuse the house with some special St. Jude spirit and remind the people visiting of the good work they’re supporting.” Follow along with us as Mae tours her Idea House embassy and get to know her along the way!
 Meet Mae! St. Judes Ambassador to Southern Livings 2013 Idea House
Mae discovers her favorite spot in the house
Photo Courtesy: Sarah Lee
Name: Mae Age: 6 years-old Hometown: Nashville Diagnosis: At 4 years-old Mae was diagnosed with Wilms tumor, a cancer of the kidneys. Prognosis: Cancer-free! Initially, Mae’s family sought treatment at a local hospital. When her cancer returned, Mae’s family went to St. Jude’s in Memphis. After undergoing extensive treatment, Mae was recently deemed cancer-free and able to return home to Nashville! Bravo, St. Jude!

Mae and her two sisters touring the Idea House.

Photo Courtesy: Sarah Lee

Mae, the little girl… Mae is definitely a girly-girl. She loves glitter, dress-up and princesses. But it’s her sweet spirit, beautiful smile and steadfast courage that makes her a true princess in our book. Mae’s favorite room in the House… The secret room with a sliding door. Mae thinks Phoebe should… Put a BIG TV in the secret room along with a table for popcorn and a refrigerator by the couch for cookies! “Then, we’d watch our favorite movies in there,” says Mae. Mae commissioned her fellow St. Jude patients to… Design their own dream houses (on paper)! These paintings will be framed and hung on the walls of the Resource Center at the Idea House. Mae’s involvement will help bring to life the lifesaving mission of St. Jude throughout the house for the tens of thousands of people expected to visit this year. We are so proud of Mae as the St. Jude Ambassador to the Idea House. We couldn’t think of a better person for the job! *This post and our other updates for the 2013 Southern Living Idea House can be seen on Southern Living's The Daily South.

All photos courtesy of Sarah Lee

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