Green Little 'Happies'

No matter what time of year or how old or young you may be, never underestimate the power and significance of a handmade gift. And when it comes to kids, just think about how ecstatic you are when you receive a quirky necklace made for you out of uncooked macaroni; or your children's many drawings that give new meaning to the word “abstract,” yet you proudly place them front and center on the fridge.  If these childhood crafts make you that cheerful, just think how thrilled you will be to receive a simple bouquet of flowers arranged by your favorite little gardener!  If your children are still in the macaroni-art phase, clipping from the garden is a great learning experience for them and fun project.  Showing them all the magical things that grow in the garden and the equally magical reaction someone has when receiving such things, will inspire your child to grow and give throughout his or her life. Not to mention, this is the easiest, simplest bouquet making it a perfect project for a child or an adult who is without a green-thumb. Materials needed 5 sprigs of early bird crepe myrtle blooming and non blooming 3 sprigs of mojo pitisporum 1 sprig of rainbow weigela Vase, jam jar any petite glass vessel will do Clippers


  1. Clip all of your greenery from the garden and soak in water for an hour.  This allows your greenery to drink water and remain fresh for several days. 2.  Fill your vessel all the way to the top with water.


  3.  Place 2-3 sprigs of mojo pit in your vase.  (Hint: Keep it bunched together.) 4.  Next, remove the 2 inches of leaves from early bird crepe myrtle at the bottom of the stems and place three on the outside in the shape of triangle. 5.  Add a few sprigs of early bird crepe myrtle with pods and no blooms for texture. 6.  Last, nestle in a sprig of rainbow weigela.

  See? Simple!  Don’t forget, a bouquet does not have to look “perfect” either. The beauty of a handmade bouquet is that its imperfections make it all the more lovely and dress up any space in your home.  These petite "happies" are perfect for the bedside table or powder room.  With the onset of summer vacation, grab your children and start clipping away.  Hopefully your children will fall in love with clipping and your home will be graced with many "happies" this summer. Thank you, Carmen Johnston, at Nectar and Company!  We can't wait to get our kids outdoors to start clipping away!  To learn more about Carmen's successful gardening business based in Georgia, you may contact her at:

Nectar and Company

3706 Agape Village Road

Macon, Georgia 31210



(Images courtesy of Nectar and Company)

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