Book Review: California Homes

There's a new book in town that has caught our eye. Los Angeles based Studio William Hefner, an established and accomplished architecture, interior design and landscape firm, has featured nine diverse projects in their new publication, California Homes. We love that this book showcases not only beautifully curated interiors, but explicitly detailed architectural plans and breathtaking landscapes as well. Although all homes are in California, their styles and scopes are as different as the California terrain itself.  One common thread within these spaces seems to be the fluidity from the outdoors, in. The interiors never overpower the exterior grounds, but rather compliment the landscape and enhance the overall scope of the project.  Here are a few of our favorite images from the book:


If you are as captivated by these images as we were, you will love the rest of this 336 page book! You can find this in your local bookstore, or order through Amazon here!


(All images courtesy of  Studio William Hefner)

Special thanks to Jill Cohen Associates

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