Put Your Gratitude on Display: Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Thanksgiving Day is drawing near and Interior Canvas has much to be thankful for. But today, we are thankful for Carmen Johnston, owner of Nectar and Company. Not only is Carmen one of the nicest people we have ever met, she is also one of the most creative people we know, when it comes to container gardening. We first introduced you to Carmen earlier this year when she showed us how to make flower arrangements with our children. (Read here for the rest of that post). But today, we called on Carmen again to help us with one common problem for anyone entertaining...perfecting the centerpiece!!  With Thanksgiving Day just around the corner, we thought the timing couldn't be better. Get ready to be amazed by Carmen's seemingly effortless creative touch!


Put Your Gratitude On Display: A Thanksgiving Centerpiece It is finally November and, thanks to this glorious weather, there is no doubting that it is also fall! The cool breeze and soothing warmth of the sun can only mean one thing—Thanksgiving is right around corner! It is time to start decking out your dinning room table with turkey day décor that will have all of your guests grinning from ear to ear and stuffed from stomach to stomach. At our house, Thanksgiving doesn’t just mean giving thanks; it also means a big buffet, complete with holiday yum-yums and fabulous, fall florals. I find it much easier to prepare a buffet-style dinner versus serving each individual guest. As far as flower arrangements are concerned, Cornucopias are a popular choice this time of year. However, I decided to change things up a bit by using a piece of driftwood as my vessel. This wooden display adds a rustic element that contrasts beautifully with the femininity of the flowers.   Materials needed: 1 block of oasis Dogwood branches Lavender branches Hypericum berries Grevillea Orange wax flower Brunei Solidago Roses (we used Leonidias)


1.  Soak your oasis in water for 10 min.  Tip: Do not force the oasis into the water; allow it to soak up the water slowly. 2.  Nestle the block of oasis into your wooden vessel.  If you are using a cornucopia be sure to line the inside with a trash bag to prevent leakage. 3. Start arranging your foliage by inserting branches of lavender, dogwood, and grevillea.  Remember: Do not stress about where you place your greenery, it does not have to be perfect. Tip: I like to place my foliage in the shape of a triangle. 4.  Next, start adding color. Start with the wax flower, solidago. Then begin layering in pieces of silver Brunei to fill in the empty spaces.   5.  Lastly, add your main pop of color.  We used a minimum amount of roses in order to maintain a natural look. Your turkey day tablescape is now complete! Feel free to go back and add additional layers of texture, using any extra foliage. Be sure to keep it light and feathery! I absolutely love this centerpiece! My favorite part is the unique foundation created by the piece of driftwood. For added fun, place pumpkins around your finished centerpiece. This gives you a reason to harvest something festive from your or your neighbor's yard. Every detail of your holiday décor makes your guests feel that much more special. This is your opportunity to not only say how thankful you are but to also put your gratitude on display.


 Thank you, Carmen, for sharing your creativity with us today! We LOVE your centerpiece idea and cannot wait to try it for our own Thanksgiving tablescape!


Carmen Johnston 

Nectar and Company



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(All images courtesy of Nectar and Company)