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It seems natural that because of their creative spirit, interior designers will often expand their businesses into other creative venues. Collaborations with fabric companies, inspired new paint colors, a line of furniture for an established brand, etc are just a few examples of ways this creativity may surface. Today I am showcasing one designer's newest creative expansion. Nashville designer, Jonathan Savage with Savage Interior Design, has been making a name for himself in the interior design world for some time. It comes as no surprise, then, that he would decide to design several beautiful soft linens to compliment anyone's interior palette. I had the pleasure to chat with Jonathan about this latest venture and I'm pleased to share that conversation with you today!


You have such a thriving interior design business...what made you want to expand into a home accessories/goods line? When I’m designing a home, I love adding the small details…where the silverware should go, which books the client will want in the library…for many people it’s these little things that go a long way. Some of my favorite pieces to find for clients are kitchen and bath towels, and I was never content with what was out there. That being said, when I came across a fabric weaver from the hills of Tuscany last year, I was thrilled! After spending many hours choosing designs and a few trips to the factory in Italy, I decided to partner with them to create a line of luxurious soft goods for the home.

Hand Knotted Linen Towel (Savage Interior Design)

Tell us a little about this line...what type of accessories are you carrying and single out a few of your favorites! The line has everything from classic kitchen towels and aprons to luxurious bath towels and bedding. One of my favorite things about it is that we can combine any of the colors and styles to create something unique and custom for each client’s home. We are currently working on monograms for bath towels that we will be introducing in the spring-I would have to say they are my favorites right now! Of course you cannot go wrong with any of our Classic Kitchen Towels either.  

Classic Kitchen Towels (Savage Interior Design)

You travel quite a bit throughout the year with your work. How has your traveling inspired this creative extension to your business? Traveling is my thing. I actually met the fabric weavers for my line while visiting Paris last September for Maison & Objet, which prompted my spontaneous trip to their village in Tuscany! When out and about, I am always on the prowl for new and exciting things and beautiful items. You can check out the Interior Canvas post from January of last year titled “The Treasure Hunt” to get even more insight into my world of travel and how it inspires my designs.

Classic Embroidered Apron (Savage Interior Design)

Since we're talking about travel: Any fun upcoming trips you can mention? And what are your 5 "must-haves" travel accessories you never leave on a trip without? Beaver Creek, New York, and Palm Beach are all on the schedule right now, and that’s just in February! Here are some things I never travel without… -A hostess gift if I am staying with a friend-always a kitchen towel from my line, and maybe a Christian Tortu candle that I brought back from Paris

Kitchen Towels with Animals (Savage Interior Design)

 Christian Tortu Candle

-Business cards-you never know who you’re going to meet!   -My tote bag that goes absolutely everywhere with me

(This Burberry tote bag looks like it's the perfect travel companion!)

-My MacBook Air-it’s the perfect size for travel


  -Bert’s Bees Chapstick Where can we purchase and see the rest of  the SAVAGE collection? It is available on or by appointment at our showroom in Nashville. You can reach us at


 What a delightful line that would look good in anyone's home! I can't wait to see what will come next! Thank you, Jonathan!  For more information about Jonathan and Savage Interior Design, please read below:


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