A Tale of Three Rooms: Before and After

I have to admit, "Before and After" stories are always my favorite. Well today is your lucky day, because I am featuring 3 rooms and their gorgeous overhauls--all from one house! Who is behind these radical transformations? Talented Los Angeles-based interior designer, Deborah Rhein of D.L. Rhein. Both artist and designer, Deborah has been impressing others with her artistic talent for over 20 years. In addition to her thriving design business, Deborah owns two stores that showcase specialty products, furniture and accessories from around the world. Featured in numerous publications, this designer is on point with her taste and style. It's truly my pleasure to feature Deborah Rhein and her work today!


“Every exit is an entry somewhere else.” – Tom Stoppard

 (Before/Front Entry)

The entrance to a home is the first thing people see, including the homeowner. It should be an area to take pause and relish in before making your way into other rooms. Our clients were ready to makeover their newly acquired home, as it hadn’t been touched in several decades. What better place to start then in the heart of the home!

(After/Front Entry)

The original moldings and carved framing details were the star of the show and given new life with fresh high gloss paint. Removing the carpet was a must, and allowed for us to stain the stairs and railings to match the new deep ebony stain of the wood floor (a modern update while still keeping with the vintage charm of the architectural details of the house.) A chandelier made of jute and recycled glass from Ro Sham Beaux pulled the sea-foam tones out of the rug and silk lampshade. Needing a place to rest that doesn’t interrupt the flow of the entrance, made this bone inlay stool a perfect choice.

We found an antique sewing machine table hiding in another room of the house that held sentimental value to the family. Perfect in size and height, we brought it front and center to the entry. A vintage marble lamp and fresh flowers added a punch to a neutral area when set atop a stunning tray. (You should feel good each time you open the door into your home!)


”If you can organize your kitchen, you can organize your life.” – Louis Parrish 

(Before/Blond Wood Kitchen and Floors)

This kitchen hadn’t been touched in 30 years when our client’s moved into this home and they were ready for a sleek and modern update. The existing granite counter tops were quite exquisite and were flecked with silver and gold. The logical and economical choice was to update the blond wood cabinetry by staining them grey and refinish the floors in a warm espresso color. The results were amazing and it looked like a brand new space!

(After/Kitchen Remodel)

With a monochromatic palate, the space felt larger. Asbury Pulls from Restoration Hardware elongated the kitchen and were the perfect touch to freshly stained wood. Even the white stove looked new against the darker tones of the floor and cabinetry.

(Before/Refrigerator and Floors)

The refrigerator got a face lift, too, and now looked years younger.

An oversized glass jar from one of our favorite Belgian vendors was the perfect house for fresh bagels.

The window box was filled with all kinds of things that weren't really being used. Vintage chinoiserie pots in navy and white filled with orchids were beautiful and serene, and added just the right amount of color to a fabulously zen remodel. (When the cook is happy, everyone is happy!)


Too many people just eat to consume calories. Try dining for a change.” – John Walters

(Before/Dining Room and Furniture)

After remodeling and making over the entry and kitchen, we couldn’t wait to transform this dining room, which was being used for everything else but that. Our clients were ready to have a beautiful space for family dinners and holiday entertaining, as it had become the catch-all for the kids' school projects.

(After/Dining Room and Furniture)

This table and chair set was a fab and funky score from the homeowners’ parents. Redoing them with black lacquer and baby blue upholstered leather seats, made this vintage set a modern marvel. A grasscloth over metallic silver wallpaper by Phillip Jeffries seemed to make everything have a reflective glow. The vibrant painting was a favorite from one of my recent hunts and I loved picking up the blue from the seats in the trellis valances; the finishing touch to linen Roman shades.

 A vintage crystal chandelier now shined bright like a diamond, and fresh flowers and greenery made an inexpensive, yet impactful centerpiece when put in vintage pots and trays.

Cymbidum orchids created an updated spin on traditional houseplants and will continue to thrive in the lovely glow of the California sunshine.

  Lighten the load, lighten your home, light up your life. XO, D.L.


Thank you, Deborah! These transformations are truly stunning! For more information about Deborah and D.L. Rhein, see below:







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(Photos courtesy of Susan Salzman)