The Relatable Canvas

This week my 3-year-old daughter decided to use the back of my sofa as her canvas for coloring. 

After posting this picture, my friends on Facebook and Instagram gave a collective gasp, then offered many condolences, stain remover company names, similar stories from their own homes, etc.  Yes, the shock of what had happened to my sofa set me back a bit, but what struck me even more was just how many people were commenting about this picture. This was not a show-stopping antique I was posting, no glamorous fabric in sight, not even a hint of design-fabulousness. Instead, it was a Crayola rainbow-colored upholstered piece of furniture that had everyone talking (either out of pity or horror) - because they could relate. Whether it be because of a child, pet or even ourselves--we have all had those horrific devastating-decor moments happen within our homes. And as much as we strive for those House Beautiful and Elle Decor covers within our own landscapes, the reality is that most of our lives paint a much messier and a lot less perfect picture than those magazines depict! Now, having said this, I am well aware that no one would buy any magazine featuring dirty laundry in the bathroom, unmade beds or dishes collecting in the sink. That would be depressing. These publications are meant to set the standards, raise the bar and give you goals for how to make things better and more beautiful. It would be nice, however, to see those inspiring rooms featured in magazine cover shoots, also be realistically photographed, after the cameras for the photoshoot went away. A few toys on the floor, a sippy cup in the crib, maybe a dog on the furniture, kids sprawled out on their beds doing homework…anything that showed life and realness and what 99% of our lives look like all the time. In my mind, it would create a more "relatable" appeal to me, the reader, where I could envision my own kids on those beds or my own self cooking in that kitchen, etc. The same feeling goes out to the professionals or companies, who feature their services or products on Instagram, Facebook, or their own blogs. I love seeing the inspired pictures, the perfected rooms and the finished product "ta-da's". But I guarantee you, the expert who also shows and shares the not-so-glamorous moments and displays their human side (their relatable side)-the side that all of us can say, "I've been there!"--that is the person or company that will probably connect a lot more to their readers and build a greater following because of it. With Interior Canvas, I love sharing images of beautiful interiors, work of amazing designers and inspiring ideas from talented individuals. But I've come to realize that sometimes it's the goofs, messes and spills that resonate best with others, simply because it allows them to see that you are only human, that your life is just as busy and messy and chaotic as everyone else's, and that because of this, you are relatable, normal and real. And you know what? That's perfectly OK with me. Happy Thursday!


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