Book Review: An Invitation to the Garden

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE to entertain. I'd rather host an intimate dinner party over a meal at a fancy restaurant any night of the week. The familiar environment, the relaxed setting, the conversations and laughter that can last way into the night are only part of why I love to entertain. Many of my friends think I am crazy - but I actually love the preparation before the entertaining just as much as the entertaining itself. Deliberating over the menu, preparing the food, selecting the wine, concocting the perfect centerpiece and even lighting the candles are all part of my enjoyment prior to the guests even arriving. That personal touch and extension of myself to others is, to me, the best way I can connect to them. When I received Michael Devine's new book, An Invitation to the Garden, I was instantly smitten. I found a kindred spirit in Michael, one who also found pleasure in not only entertaining, but in preparing, planning and executing intimate events with friends as well.  Michael's use of his own surroundings: fresh flowers and herbs from the garden, homemade delectable bites (recipes included!), personal linens to coordinate with various china and tableware, cozy, backyard areas for his intimate settings, all combine to create personal extensions of his taste and style and ultimately paint a reflection of how he truly enjoys connecting with others. Just take a look:

If you enjoy entertaining like I do, then you will truly enjoy this visually tasteful book. I cannot wait to incorporate several of Michael's entertaining tips and delicious recipes for my next party!


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Special thanks to Rizzoli for the advanced copy of this book.

All images courtesy of Rizzoli and "An Invitation to the Garden"

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