Area 2 Trading Co.

I am completely obsessed with a new website in town called, Area 2 Trading Co. Nashville's Liza Canale has brilliantly combined shopping for high-end consigned furniture in an e-commerce twist. The result? A gorgeous website full of ever-changing (and stunning) treasures that you can shop for from your computer! I had a chance to sit down with Liza and ask her a few questions about her newest venture. Enjoy! Liza-5

Vintage Tin Painted Box

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background I am proud to call myself a Nashville native. After graduating from Colorado College and living in the West for several years, I found myself gravitating back to the South. Initially, I worked in production for a nationally syndicated television program. When the production base moved from Nashville, I went to work in marketing and sales for a local design/French import business. After some years in the creative business community, I moved to Knoxville with my future husband where I obtained my Masters in Social Work from the University of Tennessee. I specialized in forensic interviewing and child therapy until my husband and I returned to Nashville to raise a family in 2007. Since my childhood I have been exposed to the visual and decorative arts, and I consistently have found myself coming back to the design world as a passion and as a profession. At last I have finally synced passion and career. Now that my two boys are of school age, I can fully commit to bringing my plans for A2TC to fruition. Liza-1

Vintage Cane Queen Size Headboard

What led to the creation of Area 2 Trading Co.? My mother was a sculptor before moving on to become an interior designer and painter. As a result, I have been immersed in the design and art world all of my life. A few years ago my mother asked that I help her sell a few of her nicer things. From there, I began managing estate sales out my garage and an old art studio. I was approached by many friends and neighbors to try and sell their things for them. It soon became apparent that while many people have home furnishings and art that they would like to put up for adoption, most dislike the hassle of estate sales and consignment stores. That is when I decided that Nashville needed an online marketplace for design-loving locals who want to sell old treasures or buy new ones with confidence in both the quality of the products and the transaction. Thus, Area 2 Trading Company was born! Liza-2

Mirrored Side Table

How do you determine your pricing for your consigned pieces? Initially I get as much information and history about the product as possible from my sellers. Then I research items of similar age, style, and condition via design-centered websites. My goal is to offer the product at a realistic and competitive asking price. Naturally, sellers would like to recoup their investments. My role is to determine fair- market value in a design market that is constantly changing. Liza-3

Mirrored Leaf Sconces

Can buyers come see the items in person? Absolutely! In fact, I prefer that the item is viewed in person. This is one of the benefits of conducting business with A2TC. Liza-4

Hand-made Chestnut Dining Table

Do you ship out of state? Yes, shipping is available throughout the Unites States.


Ooooh, I cannot wait to jump back on that website to see what Liza's latest finds are!

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