House Hopping

20140509_193604 It always seems as though springtime is when the housing market gets hopping. Back when I sold real estate, I always told my clients that if there was an ideal time to sell your home, it was in the spring. Fast forward a few years, and here I am taking my own advice. You all have been privy to my polite venting about my petite home. A home that I love dearly, but a home that my family of 5 has noticeably outgrown.  My incessant purging of old and unused items, rearranging of furniture to make more space in a room, finding new storing solutions for clothes that keep getting bigger (while my closets seem to get smaller), all have finally come to a close with the realization that I just need a bigger house! So as I get ready to sadly bid adieu to my sweet home, I also find myself looking ahead to a new adventure in a new house I'll call home.  It will take time, but I'll slowly learn its quirks, become familiar with its noises, learn where the light falls in the morning, and where the best spot is to see the setting sun. I'll know which windows are the best to look through when watching my children play in the yard, and I'll discover what secrets a new variety of plants and trees will hold for me as I experience their changing beauty throughout the upcoming seasons. Yes, I am house hopping, but with a happy nod to the past and an optimistic smile to the future. Happy Thursday~


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