Restoration Obnoxious

I always get excited when I see the big brown truck (i.e. the UPS truck) pull up to my driveway. With this day and age being flooded with emails and texts as the mode for communication, it is always fun to receive a surprise something of substance...especially in a package. That is until I received my UPS doorstep delivery, only to behold this: 20140603_205105 A mass of Restoration Hardware "preview collection" catalogs that weighed more than a small dog. I even measured its thickness: 20140603_205209 FOUR INCHES THICK!!!! Unbelievable. No, I didn't request this to be sent to me. As I rolled my eyes, I decided to vent on Instagram about it. Turns out I wasn't the only one who was highly irritated at this. Most people commented they had thrown it straight to the recycle bin upon receiving. Which brings up my next point…just how many trees were cut down to create this ad campaign? I am all for promoting your business and products…but this just seems terribly reckless, expensive and an out-of-control marketing campaign! I must have not been the only person complaining, because this is what got sent to my email today: Screenshot_2014-06-03-13-26-51   Hmmm…"heavier load=lighter carbon footprint?" I'll keep my opinions on that to myself:) Anyways, clearly I was rubbed wrong with this ad campaign. Too big. Too heavy. Too much space taken in my recycle bin. My challenge to Restoration Hardware? Instead of a "sustainability initiative" how about an on-line Initiative! Be bold! Take the minimalist approach! Go paper free!!! You can even rename your slogan to: "virtual load=no carbon footprint." And in the meantime, please take me off your catalog mailing list.


(Images 1-2: Interior Canvas photos; 3-screenshot from Interior Canvas email)