My Favorite Architecture

House hunting has been a great way to get a clear perspective into what types of architecture I am drawn to. Truth be told, I have always been looking at houses (even when I wasn't really LOOKING). So having "house hunted" for pretty much as long as I can remember, I can easily identify now which homes I keep coming back to again and again.  So in no specific order, here are some of my favorites: The Cottage: cottage I've always been drawn to the cozy, charming nature of a cottage. There's something about this style (no matter how big or small) that is always so welcoming, inviting and friendly. There are typically no formal entry halls in cottages, but rather the front door usually opens into the entry room or living room. This sets the tone for the more casual approach to the rest of the home. IMG_20130828_062833 20140611_144703 The Georgian: IMG_20130823_140452 This home commands attention! I usually associate formality with this type of architecture, but in a glamorous way. Manicured lawns, pruned rose bushes, large boxwoods and big lanterns hanging over the front doors. Although I've never lived in one, I've always loved Georgians. Maybe I'll find one for myself someday... IMG_20130903_132844 IMG_20130902_094823 The Tudor: IMG_20130905_101014 The accented dormers and high pitched roof always serve as markers for the Tudor.  This home oozes charm with its accented trims and clean lines. Its rooms can be dark and quirky at times, with abrupt angles or sloping ceilings. But this is where the fun and challenge can begin with decorating, and some of my favorite rooms designed by others have been in a Tudor. IMG_20130823_135226 IMG_20130407_145718 The Stately Ranch: noname I am not sure this is actually a "technical" term for this type of home. But, you will know what I am talking about. This does not refer to the "rambling ranchers" as we like to describe them here in Nashville (the ones with low ceilings and cramped rooms that seem to ramble on and on and on). Rather, the stately ranch is a one level home with 9-10' ceilings throughout, a formal entry hall, grand rooms and expansive grounds. These tend to only surface in older parts of town, and to my knowledge, much more in the South. They are rarely built as new construction anymore because it costs too much to put all of that square footage on one level! Because of this, they are hard to come by nowadays, so let me know if you spot one! Time and time again, these are the styles I always resonate with the most. So now that you know my list, what are your architectural favorites? Happy Thursday~


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