Trimming the House

An old house brings lots of challenges with it…and my new old house certainly has not done anything to disappoint. In the past 2 weeks, my driveway has looked more like the drive-thru at McDonalds than a residence.  Plumbers, electricians, roofers and more have become very familiar with my home. Some repairs were anticipated, while, unfortunately, others were not:) But I know myself well enough to know that if I didn't deal with it now, it would be 5 years before I got around to doing it! So back to repairs. The most glaring of them was the roof. It was in bad shape and needed to be replaced. Shingles were literally piling up in the gutters. Such a lovely welcoming sight:) The old roof was brown, and unless I could replace it with a beautiful cedar shake, I didn't want another brown roof.  As much as I love cedar shake roofs, I don't love the hefty price tag that comes with them. So, unfortunately, that was off the table. I needed to find something that would serve as a good accent against the pretty dark red brick on the front of the house. I didn't want the roof to compete with the house but rather complement it. So after some thought, I decided to go with a black and gray architectural shingle. 20140720_155106 The new roof did wonders for my beautiful old red brick exterior on the front.  It accented the house so well! (And I can't say enough great things about my roofer, Charlie Tubberville, and his company, Tennessee Roofing Concepts. If you live in Nashville--he is worth a call!) Now that the roof had been dealt with, I could now focus on other exterior elements. Let me first describe my house. It has a LOT going on, on the outside. Old red brick on the front, hardyboard siding on one side and stucco on the other.  Oh yes, and a stone foundation along with stone accents on the front windows. WHEW!


 Brick, Stucco, Stone and Shutters on the Front


Brick, Stone and Hardyboard Siding on one side


Stucco and Brick on other side and on back

With that many elements, there needed to be one focus and the rest somehow more streamlined together. Hello, ONE color. I loved the old red brick and beautiful stone, but the rest of my home needed to be unified and brightened up at the same time. The khaki siding color and dark chocolate trim were pretty, but needed to brighten up from their existing hues. In my mind, their colors were competing with the colors of the stone, brick, roof and everything else going on with the house. It was hard to know where to focus your attention when looking at the house. So, after lots of thought and Instagram feedback (thank you, friends!), I decided to….(drumroll, please)... repaint with Benjamin Moore White Down for both the siding and trim. The stucco would be reapplied on the other sides, to match the siding color. Here is an idea of how it will look. 20140717_142126 A lot brighter! I know it may be hard to envision right now, but I am absolutely excited about the end result. In addition, I wanted to streamline the front a bit more. the shutters were stealing the spotlight away from the pretty stone accents. They were also making the front elevation too busy for me. So, here is the before with shutters (also with an old roof): 20140514_155020-1 And the after with no shutters…well, almost. (Needed a taller ladder for top window) 20140720_143435 Much better. See how the new roof accents the brick better? And now you notice the stone accents above the windows too. Now I'm off to call the painter to get to work on the trim…and find a taller ladder for that last shutter. Stay tuned! Happy Monday!


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