Mad for Mirrored Coffee Tables!

I just got back from a much-needed week at the beach. I'm feeling refreshed, renewed and ready to get myself back into a schedule again! Although I didn't write an article while on vacation, I did spend quite a lot of time capturing some beautiful images on my INSTAGRAM feed. If you don't already follow it, please check it out to see some insanely stunning architecture and design from the ever-amazing Rosemary Beach, Florida. So now that I'm back at home, I am ready to begin to tackle my own interior decor. First up? My living room. This is a new room for me, as my Tudor I lived in before didn't really have one. So, what is in my living room now? A fireplace, 4 walls and a hardwood floor. Basically this room is a blank slate. I'm pretty traditional when it comes to living rooms, so I'm going to keep it more formal than casual in nature. As I create a canvas for my living room, one item I would love to incorporate into it is a mirrored coffee table. I just love the dressy and chic look this piece breathes into a space.  Mirrored coffee tables are everywhere these days, but the ones designed by Italian designer, NELLA VETRINA, have really caught my eye.  Just take a look... Acer Coffee Table Basso

Acer Coffee Table 

Camelot Coffee Table

Camelot Coffee Table


Ottoline Table



Amazing, right? To see the entire mirrored coffee table collection and all of the luxury items Nelle Vetrina produces, see below.  Happy Monday!




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**Image credits and special thanks to Andrew Joseph PR