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This weekend I took a road trip to the great city of Atlanta.  There are always so many fabulous antique stores and interior shops to visit, not to mention ADAC! But, instead, I dedicated this trip to one place: Scott Antique Markets.  Never been? Never heard of it? Imagine 2 MASSIVE warehouses filled to the brim with dealers and buyers, all there for the love of interior elements. It's open to the public, which I like--and here's why. It lets me have a good look at what people are buying, what inventory is attracting lots of attention - and what's not. It's a great way to get a read on what trends, styles, colors, aesthetics are continuing off the glossy magazines and into artisans and dealer's curations - and eventually someone's home. Even if you don't buy a thing, it's an excellent place to observe what others are considering, ignoring or loving in the world of furnishings. Here were some of my favorite finds I spotted while there: 20140809_085901

Lots of handcrafted furniture, including this rustic/industrial coffee table.


These driftwood and teak pieces were great. They would serve as excellent accents to a space needing added texture and warmth.


Lots of painted farm-style furniture, with chicken wire screens over the doors.


I was in LOVE with these chairs! But, of course, they were sold.


This glided tray table with a mirror top was stunning! But, the legs wouldn't fold and I couldn't figure out how to fit it in my car. Oh well.


In addition to older, more rustic pieces, there were some booths featuring a newer and more modern aesthetic. Not the best picture, but I loved the desk in the back right with the lucite sides and those fabulous blue lamps sitting on top!!


There wasn't a lot of pottery at the show, but I came very close to buying this pretty white earthenware pitcher.


I could not get enough of this particular artisan's killer trestle tables with chevron designed table top. He couldn't have been older than 30 and was unbelievable in his ability.


The same guy made these nightstands. Kind of a mid-century modern meets rustic farmhouse. Very unique. I loved them!


Art was everywhere. Some were dealers selling botanicals and other prints, but a lot were the artists themselves featuring their work. I loved the whimsical nature of this artist's paintings.  I came so close to buying the 3 vase painting, for our girls' playroom. One vase for each of my girls! Next time….


This just made me laugh. "Write drunk, edit sober"…Ernest Hemingway


I saw TONS of brightly colored, painted pieces. Many of these were not necessarily newly built, but rather, reinvented older pieces. A very hip way to spin an old piece.


And then there were pieces like these. You don't really know what they are. They could be a decorative accent or a base for a cool lamp. The sky's the limit.


So what did I get? Well, I intentionally did not bring a U-Haul. I knew if I had the space…I'd buy more stuff.  Here's a peek at some of the items I brought home: 20140810_151021

I picked up these cool little folding drink tables. Petite but still perfect as an accent. The tops have this great texture to them that adds a little more sophistication and visual interest.




I could not get enough of these driftwood bowls! I couldn't decide which size I liked better…so I got both.



I clearly have a thing for bowls. This raw teak bowl was my favorite find. I loved the hole in the bottom too. Such a great piece to put on a coffee table, console, etc.



I bought a pair of these 20" pillows. I'm a sucker for green and blue!



Sorry for the terrible lighting in this picture, but I had to include this book table too. I bought it from a dealer in one of the flea market tents outside the Scott's building. The nicest couple who made everything in their tent and were so proud of their work. Beautiful bedding, pillows and furniture at unbeatable prices. And, in addition, like many of the other artisans I met and spoke with, if there wasn't something in their booth that was what I wanted -- I could email them a picture of what I was looking for and they'd make it and have it ready for me the next month. Can't beat that!


Well that's it! Make Scott's a weekend getaway on your calendar…it's worth it! If you have any questions about the items or dealers I mentioned, just send me an email. (



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