Fall into Landscaping

I've been lucky with my new home when it comes to landscaping. The backyard is full of gorgeous mature hydrangea bushes, a giant japanese maple, a towering birch and multiple crepe myrtles. The hydrangeas dot down the side of the house, with climbing rose vines interspersed along the brick. I am in visual heaven! The front yard has some beautiful plantings as well, but most of the landscaping next to the front of the house has to go. Years of dogs digging around the yew bushes paired with little pruning, has created an overgrown, thick mass of mess. Plus, I don't like yews, so I was not heartbroken to see that they have to go.  I was going to wait to deal with the "excavation" of these bushes until the fall, as this is when is typically the best time to put in new plantings. But those plans got a wee bit changed when I got a bee in my bonnet to take off the storm windows (which I also don't like) and tackle the ever-growing ivy this weekend. In order to take off the storm windows and clean off the ivy, the bushes had to be moved. And, well, we didn't exactly do it in the most conventional of ways…*** http://instagram.com/p/rxWtJ2Gvy7/?modal=true Hey, I wasn't trying to save the yews, so who cares how they get pulled out? And at the end of the day, the yews are gone! So, now, I have a good month or so to plan the landscaping for the front of my house. I want to keep things simple and clean, but with a nod to what's already going on in the backyard. Boxwoods are a favorite, both big and small. Maybe a few azaleas as well to have something flowering against the boxwoods.  I also want to pull the bed out a bit, so that the new landscaping will have more distance from the house. Here are some inspirational pictures I've found on Pinterest to get me started. lizmarieblog.combhg.com




What do you like for your landscaping? Are you more of a formal yard lover or do you like the wild and carefree look? Both are beautiful in their own right.  I'll keep you posted as my plans become more concrete.

Two people I will not be consulting about my landscaping….my dogs! If it were up to them, they would be perfectly happy with no landscaping.  Look how happy they are with all of the yews gone!  Ahhh…fresh dirt to lie in! 20140816_150825


Well, I'm off to tackle the rest of that ivy!








*** (hover mouse over image on screen after clicking on link below. Then click on the image--a video should play) (Image Credits: 3-bhg.com; 2-swiftycraftbackyards.blogspot.com; 1-lizmarieblog.com; 4-thinkingoutsidetheboxwood.blogspot.com; 5-elementsofstyle.com)