Discovering Richard Wrightman Design

I love Instagram not only because I get to see so many great pictures from a variety of people and sources, but because I am constantly discovering new products, designers and interior treasures that I instantly fall in love with. Example? Just today, Jeffrey Alan Marks posted a picture on his Instagram account of one of my favorite spaces he designed in his stunning California home. Dining Room51becd5ee10a8-1024x648 I love this room not only because of its fresh design and cool California style, but also because of its balanced mix of light and dark tones, blending harmoniously together. One Instagram follower commented on this picture and asked Jeffrey where those fabulous dining chairs were from. This is why I like Jeffrey so much…he often answers back. (So nice and unsnooty about where he sources from. )  And true to form, Jeffrey answered they were from the Richard Wrightman collection. Of course, I went on to google Richard Wrightman and fell in love. Check out some of his amazing pieces. maclaren dining chair

Maclaren Dining Chair (also seen in Jeffrey Alan Marks' picture)

matthiessen side table with drawer

Matthiessen Side Table with Drawer

carbourn end chair

Carbourn End Chair

Matthiessen Coffee Table

Matthiessen Coffee Table


Don't you just love these? To see Richard Wrightman's entire furniture collection, click HERE.

And in the meantime, keep your eyes open…you never know what new nugget of interior information you'll learn next!









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