My Latest Budget Finds for the Home

"Honey, we need to look at the budget tonight." Ugh. The dreaded "B" word. Budget talks never seem to end with, "Because of the endless money stream we have, you have an UNLIMITED BUDGET!!!! Go for it! Buy to your heart's desire!"  Rather, it seems to follow more along the lines of, "Let's look at all of the things we're paying for, and then I'm going to show you how much less of a budget we have than you actually thought!" People can be such Debbie Downers:) All of us are on a budget. Some have bigger ones than others…but we're all on a budget. As I've been tackling my new home, I have had to be resourceful in my budget-friendly finds.  That way, I can preface my purchases to my husband by saying, "Look how much I SAVED us today!" Here are some pretty great finds I've come across that have made my house furnishing efforts a little easier on the budget:

Peekaboo Clear Coffee Table from CB2

peekaboo-clear-coffee-table (CB2)

Lucite is the rage these days, but oftentimes the price tag makes you think twice before buying. I was delighted to find this little number for $279 on a favorite site, CB2.


Natural Fiber Area Rug from WalMart

Safavieh Maisy Natural Fiber Area Rug (WalMart)

Right now, my house is constantly chaotic. Between 2 dogs and 3 kids, someone is always tracking in dirt, fur balls, dust, etc. Fiber rugs are so tolerant to abuse, but sometimes they can get pricey for big rooms. Knowing mine will probably need to be replaced in 2-3 years, I didn't want to spend a fortune here.  I found this 9x12 area rug for $267 at WALMART! Who knew?!? Can't beat the price.


Antique Schoolhouse Pendants from Nashville's Preservation Station

Preservation Station (Four Matiching Antique Schoolhouse Lights)

How great would these be over an island in a kitchen? I wanted to buy these, but it's a few more years before a kitchen renovation takes place. I love the history that's attached to these early 1900's pendants. And $275 for four of these is a steal!


TJ Maxx Home Goods


TJ Maxx Home Goods has always been hit or miss for me, but you can find some amazing deals and steals if you hunt for them. I scored this stunning piece of art for my mantle. I only hesitated for a second when I thought, "Should I really buy this for my mantle??". But, to me, art is in the eye of the beholder…and these flowers struck a chord with me.  So for $80….SOLD!


Bubble Ceramic Side Table from West Elm

Bubble Ceramic Side Table (West Elm)

Garden Stools are also the rage these days, but they can start to all look the same. I liked the uniqueness of the holes in this one, and needed a more modern accent piece in between two chairs in my living room. For $129, this was a great buy. Sold!


Smith & Hawken Baskets with Chalkboard from Target 

Smith&Hawken Round Basket with Chalkboard (Target)

I needed a place by the back door to deposit the large quantity of SHOES for my girls. I snatched up three of these (one for each child), and let them write their own name on the chalkboard part. At $40 a basket, the price was right! Problem solved!


Loveseat from Area 2 Trading Co.


I needed a small loveseat for my master bedroom (for all of that extra time I have to read magazines and eat bon bons:))  I found this beautiful piece on one of my favorite high-end consignment websites, Area 2 Trading Co. Covered in a Brunswig and Fils fabric, being in excellent condition, and selling for $325, made this sale a no-brainer!  SOLD!


Michael's Gold Leaf Rub 'n Buff

Rub N Buff

Our dining room chandelier was one that had come with the house. It looked to be from Lowe's or Home Depot and was an "Antique Bronze" color. I was not a fan.  A friend suggested gold-leafing it for instant improvement. I have been delighted with the results…and for an upgrade of only $4.99, it has been worth the inexpensive effort!


I'm always on the hunt for more deals, so let me know if you spot something!!