The Artistic Life: Drew Doggett

Photography has always had a special place in my soul. I was lucky enough to have an amazing photography teacher in high school. I learned so much during those four years--how to consider lighting, shadows, speed, detail, placement and more. It was a creative outlet that allowed me to capture moments I wanted to hold on to and remember for years to come.   I wish I had followed my dream to major in photography in college, but life had other plans for me, both in my major and my career. To this day, I still enjoy getting behind the camera and taking pictures for my own enjoyment.  The exhilaration I get from capturing a moment I know I will want to remember, is worth repeating over and over. Photography is very much a form of art.  More literal than abstract, this medium uses the talents of both person and camera to capture a moment in time that will never quite be duplicated exactly the same again. For this reason, I am delighted to be featuring one amazing photographer, Drew Doggett, whose work strikes a chord with every image he captures. Using black and white photography, Drew captures both landscapes, animals and humans with amazing clarity, detail and raw emotion. I would consider myself lucky to place any of his brilliant photographs in my home. Here is a little more about Drew: Award-winning photographer Drew Doggett is captivated by stories, driven by the chase for extraordinary beauty. Searching for rarely seen subjects, Drew has traveled to remote corners of the world – including the uninhabited Sable Island, Canada, Humla, Nepal, and, most recently, Namibia, Africa – to chronicle people and places that are truly remarkable. Depicted in their natural environments, they are indigenous cultures and communities through a modern lens; scaled and crafted for the most compelling visual impact. Drew is the recent recipient of two gold titles as well as an honorable mention at the highly competitive Paris-based PX3 Prix de la Photographie 2014 competition. In 2012, Drew's OMO: Expressions of a People collection was accepted into the Smithsonian's National Museum of Africa Art’s photographic archives. Take a look at some of his amazing work: Kisses

Kisses (Discovering the Horses of Sable Island)

SRTC- Untitled 9

SRTC - Untitled 9 (Slow Road to China)

Wild Heart

Wild Heart (Discovering the Horses of Sable Island)


 Grove (Dunes: Landscape Evolving)

OMO- Untitled 9

 Omo: Untitled 9 (Omo: Expressions of a People)

Sable- Untitled 39

 Sable: Untitled 39 (Discovering the Horses of Sable Island)

Windswept Solitude

 Windswept Solitude (Dunes: Landscape Evolving)

OMO- Untitled 20

 Omo: Untitled 20 (Omo: Expressions of a People)

Body Study 1

 Body Study 1 (Discovering the Horses of Sable Island)

OMO- Untitled 32

Omo: Untitled 32 (Omo: Expressions of a People)


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