Dream Big - Interior Canvas Home

Yes, it has been a while since you have heard from me. Well, life has been busy. Very busy. I've always been a believer that every event in your life (good or bad) is a stepping stone to prepare you for the next event. Sometimes it feels as though you are moving backwards rather than forwards….but maybe that's just fate pulling you back into the direction you were supposed to be heading into all along! When I started this blog over 3 years ago, the thought was to never just have a blog. It was to serve as a stepping stone for the next phase to what I wanted to do with my career. I have always loved the field of interior design - the creative, the collaboration, the curation. And it is so fun for me to showcase so may talents within the field: designers, artists, manufacturers, etc. And within the world of interior design, it takes so many forms of creativity to come together and make the final product or vision become complete. No single person is responsible for the end result. It's a clever synchronicity of elements that form a unique visual harmony. For me personally, creativity has shown itself in many forms since I was little. Many of you may not know, but music was my channel of creativity growing up. I was a classically trained violinist, playing and performing, until I left for college. Between the ages of 4-18, I was on a stage somewhere hammering out Vivaldi, Brahms and Kreisler. It was hard not to have a hand in something musically related, growing up in Nashville!  But once I left for college, my creativity turned to writing. I loved to write but never thought of it as a career. When Interior Canvas began, the words just spilled out of me, and this led to many writing stints with popular venues such as Southern Living, Bourbon and Boots, The Southern C, etc. But now I'm ready to begin my next creative channel. This is one that I've been so nervous to launch into. But I am a big believer that if something scares you, that is all the more motivation to go for it. Starting in early 2015, I will be launching a new fabric line called, Interior Canvas Home. This is something I have been diligently working on for over a year. I have been lucky to enlist help from talents in the field, who have provided knowledge and advice as I have embarked on this new journey. This has been my most challenging creative step yet….but one that has also been so rewarding.  You may ask me, "Why Fabric?" And I will answer back, "Why Not?"  Life is too short to not dream big and take even bigger risks. Even writing this article has put butterflies in my stomach! It's like finally whispering that secret you've held deep inside you for so long. I will share more details and peeks at the final product as time draws nearer. This will be a fun adventure that will be even more fun sharing with all of you. But don't worry….Interior Canvas (the blog) will stay in full swing. As I said before, the world of interior design is not comprised of one element. It takes so many talents to complete the picture.  I look forward to continuing showcasing the artists, designers, companies and individuals that make the world of interior design what it is.