Living Room Blues

I admit, when we bought our new home this summer, I was a bit overwhelmed. The space was perfect for my growing family, but cosmetically, I needed to make it more reflective of my taste rather than the previous owners'. The living room was originally a shade of powder blue. I do love the color blue…just not that shade. I also felt closed in with darker walls, and really wanted to open up the space. So I painted it a pretty shade of Benjamin Moore Seashell. A good mix of cream and subtle yellow.* 20140630_153718 With the room repainted, I had a blank slate to start from scratch. First up. A rug. If anything, to catch the hair balls from my dogs, that were rolling around our hardwoods like tumbleweeds.  Since I am in a time of my life that has busy/messy feet walking on it all day, I did not want to be panicked every time someone walked on the rug. Hello Seagrass. A simple 9x12 rug did the trick and created a neutral base for which to start. Next up? Furniture. My idea for the room was to have two small sofas facing each other and two chairs by the fireplace. I was hoping I could get what I wanted without breaking the bank. Luckily, I spotted two Sherrill Sofas on one of my favorite sites, Area 2 Trading Company. The original owner had bought them for a client that ended up being the wrong size. They were unused and I was able to get at a great price. SOLD. I then remembered I had two great chairs handed down from the family. I actually really liked this orange color, but the fabric was in bad shape from years of storage, so I decided to get it recovered altogether. (Here is the before) 20140828_140804 I found this gorgeous velvety-suede fabric in a rich shade of blue. I hadn't really thought about blue for my living room, but I couldn't get it out of my head. So I went for it and had the chairs recovered. The darker effect was dramatic.  I was so happy with the outcome! (Here is the after--sorry for the poor quality picture taken at night! Ah, where's my camera crew?!?) 20141004_183557 After deciding on the chairs, it was easy for me to figure out the pillow fabric. I was keeping in the blue family but going for bold, and mixing large and small patterns as well. For the sofa pillows, I combined a smaller geometric pattern and a larger Ikat pattern. I also added two small  pillows covered in a subtle stripe to accent the blue chairs. I wanted to create a sense of modern and traditional in this room, so on top of the seagrass, I layered a smaller, antique oriental rug that was my husband's grandmother's. I also included a beautiful antique chest that had been a housewarming gift from a beloved aunt as well as a gorgeous gilded mirror to hang above it.  I contrasted this with a more modern floral print above the mantle and a contemporary garden stool from west elm. I had originally wanted a lucite coffee table between the sofas, but my budget for the room was coming to a close. So, I opted for a small drop leaf tray table that was already in the house (i.e., free) instead. This would have to do for the time being. I wanted to add something to the space for the left side of the mantle, but didn't want another dark piece of furniture or mirror. My solution? A Fiddle Fig Leaf tree. Nestled by the window…this was the perfect place for this little guy to grow and continue to evolve in the space. In addition, the green of the tree created texture and a more abstract shape. It also broke up the now obvious color scheme, so it wouldn't appear too blue in the room. Perfect! So here is the before: 20140630_153718 And here is the after: 20141120_101420

Other than the curtains that are still waiting to be hung (hint, hint to my husband), this room is a wrap!


Happy Friday~


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