Clear Your Thanksgiving Plates and Deck the Halls

What happened this year? I feel like right when I  finished my plate of turkey and dressing, "Jingle Bells" began playing on my radio station, my girls were wondering where their Elf on the Shelf was (eeeks…did that get lost in the move?!?), and cars everywhere were driving around with Christmas trees on their roofs. Does Christmas season ALWAYS come this quickly? Maybe so, but I am definitely struggling to get myself ready for it this year!  And on top of just getting motivated in general, I have to figure out how to decorate my new house for Christmas!! Ah…the pressure is on. I am missing the predictability of where I put all of the holiday decor in my old house. I had perfected where everything went, and I could whip the house into Christmas-ready shape in no time. Now, I am faced with a new house, new lighting, new places to put the tree, more windows for wreath hanging, etc etc etc. I am jealous of my neighbors right now. Their lights are on the trees and bushes. Their Christmas trees are up. Their bows are perched perfectly on their mailboxes. I watched…they had it out in two hours flat. So unfair. So while I am looking for my holiday boxes that were stashed deep in the basement, there's nothing like Pinterest to get me motivated for what to do once the decorating begins. Maybe you will get a little inspiration too, on this first day of December. And remember….24 days left until Santa comes! (No pressure).

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Happy Monday!









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