Oh, The Places You'll Go!

After having written on this blog for almost three years (!!), I have certainly picked up on common themes and words of wisdom within the interior design world. From personal interviews, to literature I have read, pictures from my instagram and pinterest feeds, and everything in between - there are recurring threads that weave their way into many different designers'  styles, viewpoints, and curations. One such theme I hear over and over is that if you are wanting inspiration….TRAVEL!  Whether you are heading down a back road in the mountains, or hopping to the islands in the West Indies, traveling allows your eyes to experience new visual treats or be exposed to different ideas for color, texture and shape, all of which will leave impressions on your style, taste and aesthetic. Now, I will be the first to admit that traveling is not always conducive to my schedule or my budget.  But as I have discovered through my social media outlets, glimpsing someone's travels through their pictures not only provides inspiration - but focuses on something I might have missed had I gone to the same place, myself. Seeing and experiencing an adventure through someone else's eyes is almost as fun as doing it yourself. So for one of my New Year's resolutions for Interior Canvas, I am going to be periodically featuring inspiration for YOU from travel of OTHERS.  Some may be glamorous adventures, while others may be simple outings down the road. But all will guarantee to be full of inspiration and visual interest, and may even leave a new impression on your own personal interior style. First Up? A gorgeous series of photos my adorable cousin took while traveling overseas for the holidays. The following shots were all taken by her in the countries of The Netherlands and Switzerland. Since pictures are worth a thousand words, I'll stay quiet and let the pictures do the talking.



Amsterdam11 Amsterdam4 Amsterdam2 Amsterdam5 Amsterdam6 Amsterdam9 Amsterdam12 Amsterdam10 Amsterdam3

Amsterdam7Amsterdam1 ...




Switzerland2Switzerland4Switzerland5Switzerland6Switzerland3Switzerland7Switzerland11 Switzerland9

(My cousin, Samantha Clemens)


Wasn't it fun to visually travel overseas for 15 minutes? Enjoy the moment and maybe these pictures will inspire you somehow today.

Cheers and Happy New Year!









(All photos courtesy of Samantha Clemens)