Comfort Rooms

If you follow my Instagram feed, you will often see me posting images of meals I cook. And in the heart of January, with its bitter temperatures and icy winds, I am certainly not tossing a light pasta salad or shaking up a mango margarita to comfort my cold, shivering self. Rather, a hearty bowl of soup, a big wedge of warm bread, and good Pinot Noir does the trick. Just as I long for comfort food in the dead of winter, I also gravitate towards comfort rooms in my home. Predictably, these are not the large, open spaces that are great for entertaining and hosting large amounts of people. Nor are they the fancy, "look but don't touch" spaces that also host the fine furniture, china and crystal. Instead, they are the cozy nooks, the tucked away corners, the worn with love fabrics, and the "Party of One" spaces that ooze warmth and comfort. c3412c86c310fbbd8dcefd1c95391985 c4ce447cf2dc2b9632f830b258f4bfd6 9990db07befa6e8440184f705089635a 3572086ea09314aeeabd7664b18b1854 b58cc94084407a39d62c83885ce4699e 269462ab42caae3f6d7a9b6b3713c25d 012dd2f8025d739028c62c3ff8a5291a image c382622c89f216822b5ddd7eaa07552f


So where are your comfort rooms or spaces? Maybe you are in yours right now.

May the cozy be with you!

-Anna Kristin








(All images via Pinterest. Click on my Pinterest board labeled "Cozy" to view sources for images.)