Oh The Places You'll Go….INDIA!

There are trips and then there are TRIPS.  In continuing with my series on travel and its interior inspiration, I am showcasing today one woman's visual experiences during her recent venture to India. Heather Buffkin and her husband traveled from Nashville, Tennessee to India last fall. She detailed her incredible journey while there via a blog (brilliant!), allowing her friends and family to experience secondhand the amazing adventure she was having halfway across the world. When I decided to start my travel series, I knew I wanted to include Heather's trip to India. In addition to India being a place synonymous with COLOR, it is also a country that puts one's sensory stimulation into overdrive. Sights, sounds, smells, everything commanding your attention all at the same time. It is also a country full of contradictions and extremes. Jammed city streets piled with noise, people, animals, cars, and markets--contrasted with serene hotels filled with calming fountains, gilded mirrors, and over the top meals. Beggars, slums, children in rags and dirt--contrasted with women wearing dramatic fuchsia and purple saris, bountiful bougainvilleas, ornate tile patterns and intricately detailed moldings.  Miles and miles of barren desert followed by lush lakes and greenery. My impression of India is that of a country rich in spirit and service. A place that is proud of its heritage and history, while also exuding incredible artisanship and mastership of trades. A visual landmark that firmly cements itself as truly a sight to behold. I wish I could feature all of the photos taken by Heather on this journey, but it would take you all day to look at them! So, here is a sampling of some of my favorites….get ready for a visual treat! fa62d5ed2cde51717470536ef1a5660c0cf9e8552f8f4718ad9a26798419149cef09915390ae9eb7218549d95e850981bdd5a3cd10beee9065a31f2be0372e98 c54d38d56999316c53349d5fc30548feed770bac16c927254788075969bd3e455f20cef493e661577c92a429860d7c69b3343ce578bb53aba2ce8f6f205820732a8eb8445aa6b6156400efa11fe5a00dfbfc49d78a93cf41526dfbf177aa5ed71c5508261ede4f791df3e3fe2a58697e77c5e984fb6617103a9513bd75b18f62ee7219d4248df8235faae7da114566e06791d6e4d089f9f0bfe232edeccff0686d9db2d3f276d488ca621fb04a71c42e b92d6ca4cb8b26b255b68371ecc4180d4240ae5f7e47b91e0acef04194fb698d eec8ad22d82313f85a8ea7e75c978f8b4075f1b2da7f602d877916008d676d69b00ea4bc77b0478b828f00edd06c5278f18c9624a807bb138983734ac438cdfe13f47dd1faac99ee87efa59a8823ead415c778b2fdd6ab88d0b684c8f5f5f555








It's no wonder designers from across the world gravitate to this incredible country. The inspiration it holds is unprecedented.

Thank you, Heather, for allowing me to share some of your incredible pictures. You did an amazing job capturing the essence of the Indian culture and community.

If you are interested in more specific details about Heather's trip, where she traveled within India, etc., check out her amazing blog from her journey: www.heatherhbuffkin.blogspot.com



-Anna Kristin







(All images courtesy of Heather Husband Buffkin)