The Week in Review

Unless you live in Hawaii, you have experienced a piece of the polar vortex pie that has descended upon a large percentage of the US. Living in Nashville, we are used to cold temperatures in the winter…but not this cold... IMG_0422 IMG_0368 Ice and snow can have their perks for a day or two... IMG_0421-2 but then, cabin fever settles in and you are praying (more like begging) for sunshine, flowers, green grass, and of course, your children to go back to school!!!! But even though the tundra decided to set up shop over the eastern half of the States, that certainly didn't slow down a very busy week! Here's the lowdown... Fashion New York's frigid temps didn't stop the gorgeous frocks from floating down the runways for New York Fashion Week. From Oscar de la Renta to Zac Posen. Ralph Lauren to Carolina Herrera. Fabulous fashion was in full swing. (ralph lauren. AP Photo - Richard Drew) -

Ralph Lauren (via

Click here to see the highlights: New York Fashion Week Live DOGS And if fashion is not your thing…you might have also been watching the 139th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. I mean, who can resist all of those adorable pooches parading around in their finest! Best in show went to the precious "Miss P". AP WESTMINSTER DOG SHOW 2015 S USA NY

via USA Today

TELEVISION Moving along, I will admit that I have watched way too much TV this week. There is only so much to do indoors!!  Being a HUGE House of Cards fan, I was delighted to get an email from Netflix in my inbox with this message! Hallelujah! IMG_0423 If you haven't watched this series…it is a must! A smart, fast-paced, well-written drama with insane casting. Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are brilliant as a power-hungry political couple (Frank and Claire Underwood), living in the center of Washington, D.C. and constantly stirring the pot to keep the storyline interesting! SOCIAL MEDIA Screen time on my computer has also skyrocketed this week. Hey, I DO blog, so don't judge! But, I also love discovering new social media people to follow. It keeps life interesting! Here are some of my new finds this week: Twitter: Speaking of Frank Underwood from "House of Cards"….he actually has a twitter feed (or at least someone was brilliant enough to create an account for this character)! And if you love his one-liners on the show…you'll love these tweets. Follow him at: @Frank_Underwood. IMG_0440 And if you like to follow funny twitter feeds, check out "Los Feliz Day Care" (@LosFelizDayCare). Yes, this has nothing to do with interior design, but it provides endless entertainment. Posing as a real day care, it tweets out witty one-liners that gently poke fun at the helicopter parents and hyper-intense childcare facilities of the world. (*Clearly I am needing comic relief from being inside WAY too long!) IMG_0441 Pinterest I can never have enough of Pinterest! And with over 15,000 followers, you can be assured that I pin a good bit. Here are a few recent pins I found that made my frozen week a bit brighter! 133771d32553a199ffb5d4305e555e4a c4e8962aad9a829b7c5af6f8b9c1a6b8 f2e173e9d55df3209af8172b3f3314db 5fa79b7e8af9bbd204781a978e5dd664 35fceb74f7f90aab543b173d7afa66c6

(For all image credits from these Pinterest finds, just click here to find the images on my pinterest page).

Blogs I don't really follow a tremendous amount of blogs, but I discovered two new ones this week that I thought enough of to share with you! IMG_0373 French Affaires: This was referred to me by my mom. (Thanks, mom!). It is a blog and website completely dedicated to everything French. Written by one smart and chic Dallas francophile (who used to babysit me long ago when she attended Vanderbilt!), this website is perfect for the  person who can't get enough of French cuisine, language, culture, etc.

coffee-cake_food52_mark_weinberg_14-11-18_0166_(1)(Photo via Mark Weinberg.

Food 52: This was sent to me from one of my sisters. I'll admit, I am a foodie. And I love to cook too. This blog/website is filled with amazing photographs, yummy recipes and great cooking tips.  An email pops in my inbox about once a week with new things to try and read about. I highly recommend! WORK Oh yes. I did have to work this week too. (Although this article may make it sound quite the opposite!) IMG_0418 Facetiming my website developer occurred  frequently this week, and actually became quite convenient since I didn't have to get out of my sweat pants to attend the meetings! YES! IMG_0443 Finally I made more progress with my swatch booklets for Interior Canvas Home! A labor of love for sure .. but when you're a one-woman show -- you're the only one you can count on to make it happen! I'm shooting for a March launch with my new website and fabric to sell. I will keep you posted as the event draws nearer!


In the meantime, stay warm and sane! You know Spring is literally around the corner! (Or buried under the snow:))








(All photographs taken by me - or my iPhone - unless otherwise noted).