What's Your Home's "Little Black Dress?"

Any woman knows that in her closet she owns at least one little black dress. This is the dress that is her fail-safe. Her staple "must have." The one that always looks good and can blend into any situation. Wear pearls with it for church or diamonds for a cocktail event…this is the dress that is slimming, appropriate, a little daring, but never out of style. Think of your home as a giant closet. You may have your "costume jewelry" and your "trendy roman sandals," but you also have those few items that would take status as your home's little black dress. These items can be versatile in any space. They are timeless and sophisticated. They can be dressed up or down, depending on their surroundings, but they never go out of style.


 Maybe it's a lovely chest...


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Or a beautiful desk...

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A dynamic piece of art...

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 Or that fabulous accent chair...


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One of my home's little black dresses is my secretary. It is an inherited piece, that I can vividly remember sitting proudly in my parent's formal music room. It served as a desk for my dad, and was always being used for letter writing or bill paying. When it came to live with me, I was in a smaller space, with only room for it by the front door.  Now that it's made the move to my current home, I use it as a make-shift hutch for all of my blue and white china. Maybe one day when I actually have a true office, my secretary will find its resting place and actual intended function there. But regardless of its purpose, it always draws attention and admiration. It truly is one of my fail-safes.


So what are some of your "little black dresses" in your home? Whatever they are, make sure you are making use of them. Truly, they are the staples to the rest of your decor. 

Happy Tuesday!