When life hands you lemons..

You know those days where you feel like one of those cartoon characters with a rain cloud over their head? Wherever they walk…the cloud follows and continues to rain? That's certainly how I felt a few weeks ago. The much anticipated launch of my fabric has been…well….delayed. Sigh. Not to bore you with all of the details, but long story short, my initial order with my fabric printing company ALL came back crooked. Not bespoke. Not irregular. But just plain crooked. Very Crooked. How does this happen? How does a printing company send out a large order THAT off? What in the world were they thinking?  How could I trust this company again with future orders? What a mess. Sometimes, rather than stewing over something, arguing with the other party, trying to "win" the argument, it's just easier to call it a day, cut your losses and take your business somewhere else. And that's exactly what I am doing. So, ladies and gentlemen, my fabric dream will happen…it just may take a bit longer than I anticipated. And, rather than dwell on unfortunate circumstances that were out of my control... I went on a girls trip- IMG_0708 I checked out some fabulous interior stores- IMG_0721

 Caspari - Charlottesville, VA


 And George - Charlottesville, VA


 And George - Charlottesville, VA

IMG_0814 IMG_0819

 Ivy Nursery - Charlottesville, VA


Caspari - Charlottesville, VA

I got inspired by one of the founding fathers (in my opinion) of architecture & interior design- IMG_0743 IMG_0750 I explored- IMG_0748-2 IMG_0822 I ate some ridiculously good food- IMG_0781 IMG_0778 I even did a little fishing- IMG_0830 But finally, I spent a lot of time doing what I always do when I need some time away from the world. I began working in my garden. IMG_0862 Sometimes I weed, sometimes I plant something new. Sometimes I prune some overgrown shrubs. But if I'm really needing to blow off some steam, hacking away at honeysuckle or tackling ivy is always a great stress reliever:) Whatever I escape to in my garden, my outcome is always the same. I don't mean how many weeds I've cleaned out or how many bushes I've pruned. Rather, by the time my task is complete, I am ready to revisit my looming "real world" problem with a clearer mind and unclouded thoughts. And I know that everything will be OK. IMG_0894 IMG_1016 Spring often serves as a symbol for starting over. I can't think of a more fitting season to be in as I start down a new path for my fabric business. I certainly don't have all of the answers, but I know along the way I will find them. In the meantime, you will probably find me somewhere in my garden… IMG_1020


Happy Wednesday!



Oh, PS…


Thank you, Liza Eady, at Area 2 Trading Co for featuring my living room this week on your blog! Be sure to check out her article here. If you're not familiar with Area 2 Trading Co, it's a high-end home furnishings consignment store, that also happens to be online! Genius! Be sure to check it out!








(All photos taken by Interior Canvas)