Anne Tollett: Trailblazing the Virtual Interior Design World

bca9f69f9e2d0d2922241d12a924b36d The interior design community is always reinventing itself, blazing trails for innovative ideas and looking for out-of-the-box solutions for ways to better reach current and future customers. In today's fast-paced, tech-savvy world, designers are faced more and more with the challenge of meeting demands from interested parties in the virtual world. c18e5763770fd851295222eda617a8f9 And on top of those wanting help (be-it near or far), many customers today have a parallel DIY approach to design. Meaning, even if they use a designer's help, they are wanting to know the why's and how's of designing a certain room, the reasons a designer picks one piece of furniture over another, the understanding about how to rearrange a room, or where to source that amazing knock-off that will save them thousands of dollars. They want to be informed, educated, and have greater knowledge to tackle future projects with greater insight and wisdom. Enter Anne Tollett. Having  almost 20 years in the interior design and fine art world, Anne's skill set, experience and insanely sharp savviness have set her apart from the pack. On top of that, she's ridiculously funny….a wonderful trait to have in an often "I take myself very serious" business. So it was music to my ears when Anne called me about a new idea she'd hatched. After years in the business, Anne was seeing voids in the market for needs her clients wanted. On top of that, everything came with a price tag. "Why should information always come at a price?" she wondered. So, Anne Tolllett Home was born.  An entire website that shares scenarios, before and after stories, placement for rooms, videos with explanations of understanding size and scale, and pointers on where to spend and where to save. Not to mention, a sourcing guide for all of Anne's items she recommends or uses in each article.  But the best news is…it's all free. No fees attached, no hidden agendas.  It's Anne's way of sharing her knowledge with others in a comprehensive, funny, brilliant way. I love it!!!! CLICK HERE for a preview of what her website can do for you! **(Warning: Be prepared to find yourself spending hours at a time browsing).** 34effa5f6389bba478ae4d560fe7e246 68abb643849e77009daaf26cd58feafc

Furniture cut-outs (that are printable from her site) for you to use, while learning how to arrange within a room. Brilliant!

Of course, her entire..and fabulous..portfolio can be seen as well, just so you can be amazed (and call her if you need her services!). This new website comes as a breath of fresh air in a world where everything comes at a price. I am a HUGE fan and I know you will be too! c41110ca93aa9c4bceb43e8a814b9938 Enjoy!!! 64a11d3dcd9e22790a710357ba0d8e94


Anne Tollett


 *All images courtesy of Anne Tollett.