Summer Lovin'...

We are in the home stretch of spring before summer hits us with a bang! I always look to Memorial Day weekend as the kick-off to the new season, and I am giddy with excitement that the holiday is literally days away.  To me, summer conjures up so many wonderful memories:

-Trips to the Farmer's Market to buy juicy red strawberries, fat blueberries, heirloom tomatoes and golden corn...

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-Lavender, mint and rosemary heartily growing in the yard and giving off their thick, fragrant scents

-Lightning bugs twinkling in the darkness

-Children swinging high into the trees in their PJ's on the neighbor's "community" swing


-Frogs croaking their songs in the nearby creek


-Barefeet running in the grass and long walks after dark


-Bees buzzing along from flower to flower


-Hamburgers and hot dogs sizzling on the grille

-Warm, bubbling cobblers filled with fresh berries picked that day


-Sprinklers ticking and lawn mowers humming

-Rosy cheeks and popsicle stains

-Goggles, wet bathing suits, tan lines and beach bags 421589_3274001090181_867209030_n

-Spitting watermelon seeds and seeing how far they will go

-Digging for worms in the soil and blowing dandelions in the wind


Yes, summer is coming. A season where the pace slows down, schedules get thrown out the window, bedtimes are late and dress is always casual. Spring has been fun, but the lazy days ahead are beckoning.....Ahhh......


Happy Tuesday!


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