An Affinity for Architecture

I am a firm believer that there is a symbiotic relationship between interior design and architecture. You can't have one without the other, and typically where affection for one lies the other quickly follows. My first love was actually with architecture, not interior design. My father was fascinated with Thomas Jefferson and his knowledge and skill on the subject. That fascination led to many lessons throughout my childhood on scale, lines, symmetry, asymmetry, pitch and proportion.  I can remember telling my 3rd grade friends about dormer windows and dentil molding...they, in turn, eyed me curiously as they continued their conversations about jelly shoes, bangs and friendship bracelets. I never appreciated my affection for architecture until much later in life, when I would be on trips and realize I had taken more photographs of homes, curves of a sidewalk, and gate entries instead of me and my family. (Don't tell them:)) In any event, the result has been a collection of images I've taken over the years, capturing the essence of the cultures and communities that I visited. Just last week, I ventured to Rosemary Beach, Florida with my family. And true to self, my architectural love came through with a vengeance. Take a look:




Yes, I have an affinity for architecture. But I have a greater affection for being able to share it with you.










(All images taken by Anna-Kristin Yarbrough for Interior Canvas)