Designers and Their Dogs

When it comes to people's pooches, the love oozes everywhere. And in this day and age, people spare no expense to make sure their canine pals receive only the best. From built-in dog crates to separate doggy showers, owners want their furry friends to know that they are just as much a member of the family as anyone else. Social media is filled full of these 4-legged love balls. If you look up the hashtag "#dogsofinstagram," you'll find that there are over 25 MILLION posts! And the love doesn't stop there. It's common practice for a lot of dogs to have their own insty pages. And why not? Their other furry friends can follow them back! Oh I can hear the panting now!

Designers are known for showcasing their pets front and center. And instagram is always a fun place to check them out. Although this doesn't begin to scratch the surface (no dog pun intended), here are a few of my favorites dog-loving designer instagram feeds:

Brian J. McCarthy and his dog, Daisy

Jonathan Savage and his dog, Artie

Chad James and his dog, Josephine

Holly Phillips (The English Room) and her many pups, including Maple

Martyn Lawrence Bullard and his dog, Daisy

Christopher Spitzmiller and his dogs, Fanny and Jolly

Paloma Contreras (La Dolce Vita Blog) and her dog, Tate

Mark D. Sikes and his dog, Lily (who does have her own Insty page)

Jeffrey Alan Marks and his lab, Coal

Speaking of pets, my family added another fur ball to our pack. A little black lab named, Daisy. (After reading the above list, I am realizing I wasn't very original with her name:) Oh well! She is far from getting her own instagram account, but I have definitely been filling my Instagram feed with her cute little self.

And don't worry, big sister Piper gets plenty of face time in the camera too.

And she seems to be just fine having a new someone to snuggle with. Awwwww.....