Tricia Foley's Life|Style: Elegant Simplicity at Home

"Let me free-associate" words that come to mind with the name 'Tricia Foley.' White, orderly, clean, comforting, serene, simple, inclusive, warm..." These words written by actress, Isabella Rossellini (friend and neighbor to Tricia), articulately describe both Tricia Foley and her aesthetic to a "T." Prepare to get lost in a beautiful and soothing dream as you flip through the pages of her new book, Life|Style: Elegant Simplicity at Home.

No stranger to writing books (this is her ninth), Tricia takes a personal turn in Life|Style by inviting us into her Long Island farmhouse and outbuildings. Here, she not only discusses her musings on style, but she also shares coveted lists of "must-haves" for things like a guest room, linen closets, and organizing ideas for home offices. Tricia goes on to share tips for entertaining and stocking the pantry, with delicious recipes to accompany your gathering.

Life|Style is not only visually inspiring, but serves as a great home resource to keep coming back to time and time again.


For more information on Tricia Foley, please go to her website: To pre-order your book, which is due for release on September 29, click here.








(IMAGE CREDITS: Images 1-3,5- 6 Photographed by Marili Forastieri. Image 4 Photographed by Jeff McNamara. (Reprinted with permission from Country Home Magazine. 2007. Meredith Corporation)

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