Books, Fabric and Flowers...Oh My!


Fall is always a favorite time of the year...not just because of the crisp air, stunning blue skies and golden leaves dotting the maple trees, but because of the gorgeous new design books that begin to arrive fresh from the printing press for all of us to oooh and ahhh and ogle over.
One such book is Timothy Whealon's gorgeous work of art,"In Pursuit of Beauty." This 224-page stunner had me at "hello." If I could have stepped inside the book and moved in, I would have. In fact, upon its arrival, I tweeted, "Hello Timothy? Yes, I'll take it all please!"
But in all seriousness, Timothy's work is brilliant in its blend of comfort and elegance. Each page makes you want to turn to the next one for more inspiration. From a New York Penthouse to a Mediterranean-style villa, this portfolio displays how well Timothy can flex his interior design muscles and how versatile his creativity truly is. Just take a look at a few of his curated spaces:
For more information on Timothy Whealon and his new book, visit his website at:


I am a huge John Robshaw fan. Who doesn't love his many playful patterns and colorful combinations that work together seamlessly as a statement or subtle compliment to a space. So I was more than delighted to find out that he is teaming up with Duralee for his second collaboration called "The John Robshaw II Collection." This vibrant extension of his first collection with Duralee is gorgeous and will certainly become a staple for many designers.


To view the entire John Robshaw collection, go to

There's nothing I love more than fresh flowers...especially wildflowers in the summer. Their color, energy, shape and vibrancy makes me happy and full every time I look their way. I tried to plant a wildflower cutting garden this summer to enjoy these little happies all the time, but after a two month drought and insane heat, my little flower garden withered and died. And dead flowers just aren't very cute in a house:) My birthday was last week, and while I now couldn't arrange my own flowers for a bouquet, I was lucky enough to receive this amazing wildflower display to take their place. WOW!!

My sweet husband had stumbled upon a very talented "part-time" florist and "full-time" waiter in Nashville. With this stunning array "my new flower guy" assembled, I think his phone's about to start ringing and his days at Burger Up may be numbered...
This arrangement was so massive, I decided to split it up so that I could enjoy more of it around the house.

A little "happy" certainly goes a long way! Whether it be a new book, fun fabric finds, or cut flowers from your garden, make sure you are taking the time to enjoy the little "happies" in our world.

(Image credits for "In Pursuit of Beauty" courtesy of Rizzoli International Publications, Inc.)
(Image credits for The John Robshaw II Collection courtesy of Allison Ruddick at Duralee)
(Flower images courtesy of Interior Canvas)