Palm Beach Chic

When I think of Palm Beach, three words come to mind: Pristine. Chic. Luxury. Palm Beach, Florida has long been the playground for the world's wealthiest people. From fancy cars to jaw-dropping landscapes, multi-million dollar "second homes" and streets lined with those famous palm trees, this truly is the place for only the very elite. And the frantic/chaotic way of life, so evident in other wealthy cities, is juxtaposed in Palm Beach by a seemingly slower, calmer and intentional "stop and smell the roses" way of doing things.

Although there are many trademarked qualities to this tiny city, it is the incredible homes and their well-curated spaces that epitomizes the Palm Beach way of life to me more than anything.

To those of us (including myself) who have never had the pleasure of seeing the insides of these homes, other than from a spread in a magazine, we can only wonder what lies behind those sculpted privet hedges and painstakingly manicured lawns. 


When I received the book, Palm Beach Chic, by Jennifer Ash Rudick, I knew I would be in for a treat. Here was a stunning and detailed account of so many of the gorgeous homes that make Palm Beach what it is. Covering a wide variety of styles and tastes, Jennifer skillfully shows the true essence of what makes the city glamorous and yet gracious as well. And where, before, only my imagination had been able to fill the void of what designers could possibly have filled these houses with, my eyes now saw breathtaking rooms with jaw-dropping curations. Truly, the book is a delight for anyone as captivated with this place as I am.



To see all of the stunning pictures and read more about the many stories that belong with these homes, purchase your own copy of Palm Beach Chic here or at your local bookstore.




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*(Image credits: Photos 2-5 by Interior Canvas; Photos 1, 6-9 by Jessica Klewicki Glynn. Courtesy of Vendome Press)