Oh what a week!

I realize it's only Wednesday, but I'm exhausted already! A thrilled exhausted, if that's possible. Things have been hopping along with Interior Canvas Home fabrics and I couldn't be more excited to share those updates with you!

This weekend, I had the pleasure of entertaining friends and family to showcase my new fabric line. What a fun evening! It was wonderful getting direct feedback from customers inquiring about what my inspiration was for the line, where could my fabrics be used, what colors looked good where, etc. So much fun! Here are a few snapshots I took before the night began:

(The Wheel of Fabric! All colors and patterns here for Interior Canvas Home)

(A little fall decor on the table)

(Interior Canvas Home's Fireworks pattern in Midnight on Sofa)

Thank you again to all who came out to celebrate my launch! And if you live in Nashville and weren't able to make it to the party, email me if you'd like to come see the line in person! (Small business = showroom in your house:)) Starting in 2016, I plan to take the collection on the road! I have a few cities in the works already, and will let you know once those dates are scheduled! Yay!


Moving along....

Yesterday I began my morning, reading Hanover Avenue's latest article on redesigning one client's apartment in New York City. HOW THRILLED I was to see my Interior Canvas Home Trellis pattern used in this redone apartment!!!

(Anne Tollett, the mastermind behind Hanover Avenue, brilliantly walks the readers through her thought process in her redesign efforts using video, digital images and more. Better yet, she includes buying guides and miniature floorplan models of her spaces for the reader to print out and work to mimic their own needs for a space.)

From years of being in the business, Anne has an insane amount of companies, artists and designers at her fingertips. So it was an absolutely huge honor for Interior Canvas Home fabric to be included in her redesign!!! Thank you, Anne!

(Interior Canvas Home's Trellis pattern in Sand on the headboard, bedskirt and throw pillow in this bedroom!)

Want to see the entire apartment redo? Click here to read Hanover Avenue's fantastic Before and After article.


Finally, today I was over the moon to be featured on Area 2 Trading Company's website! (Liza Eady-the owner of Area 2 Trading- runs an incredible marketplace of consigned, high-end home furnishings. In addition, she features various artists and their work in pop-up shops and gallery shows.) With her latest article featuring yours truly, I was able to explain my thought process behind Interior Canvas Home, my inspirations for the collection and more. It was a new experience for me to be the one answering the questions instead of asking them!! But thank you, Liza, for showcasing me and my new business!


(Interior Canvas Home's Clover pattern in French Blue on the pillow)

Click here to read Liza's feature on Interior Canvas Home and check out all of the amazing items at Area 2 Trading Company!


Thank you to all my friends and family who have been so supportive in my fabric launch! I am so grateful! 








(Images 1-4, 6 courtesy of Interior Canvas Home; Image 5 courtesy of Hanover Avenue)