Fall into Landscaping!

(Tulip bulbs ready for planting!)

Fall is known for being the time to plant new bushes and trees, place bulbs into your beds for spring bloom, till and reseed your lawn, and get your yard ready for the spring season that will emerge after the cold winter months leave for good. This fall, my husband and I had our work cut out for us. After living with our new yard now for over a year, we were able to see what plants/trees/flowers we were dealing with, how and when they bloomed, where our shady spots were and where the sun broiled in the afternoon.  I am so glad we had that year, because it allowed us to make thoughtful decisions before hastily planting or transplanting anything. Last month when October arrived, we were armed and ready with an intentional and purposeful plan for what needed planting, what needed transplanting, what needed pruning and what needed to go. The result has been rewarding and completely worth the wait.

(Eleanor hugging our new maple tree)

Landscape design and gardening is definitely not my strength. However, I am pretty good at copying what I like in other people's yards:) Just as I "mildly stalk" certain interior designers on pinterest or instagram for ideas in my home, I have certain gardener aficionados that I admire and look to for inspiration and motivation with my own yard.

One of my gardening idols (who is also highly talented in the interior department) is the amazing Carolyne Roehm. Although I couldn't even begin to make my yard look anything like hers, it's always fun for me to drool (just a bit) over her unbelievable gardening and landscape designs. Quintessence, a favorite blog of mine, recently featured a fabulous video and interview with the lovely Carolyne Roehm, showcasing her extensive grounds and gardens. Carolyne has just written her twelfth (yes twelfth!!) book called "At Home in the Garden," and I think this may be her best one yet. Since this video captures her essence so much better than my words ever could...click here to enjoy this treat!


I know our days with this lovely fall weather are almost over. But there is still time for last minute efforts! In any event, enjoy the outdoors while you can -- old man winter is just around the corner!












(Images courtesy of Interior Canvas. Video taken from YouTube for Quintessence's video series)