Gift wrapping for the crafty-challenged people

It's a running joke in my family that I am the worst gift wrapper. I completely own up to this, as I just don't have those creative/crafty juices when it comes to wrapping things. A bag with tissue paper stuffed inside, I can do. But whenever I am faced with a real ribbon and actual paper that have to go on a box -- it starts to look like a poorly wrapped sandwich with a deflated bow.


With Christmas and the holiday season upon us, I need to step up my "A-game" in a major sort of way. So, I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration. Now, in addition to my not being a good wrapper, I also have very little time/patience to devote to wrapping. So whenever I see a Pinterest Pin that requires multiple tools, and takes longer that 5 minutes -- I'm out.

Exhibit A:

(Cute, but too crafty. And requires a perfectly wrapped gift. Forget it.)

Exhibit B:


(Creating a crossword puzzle on the top of the present. You have got to be kidding me:)

Fortunately, there seem to be other impatient and understanding people out there, who have great ideas for those, like me, who get a "F" in the crafty department but need to make their gifts look a little cuter. Check these out:


(So we're starting simple here -- but a bell with someone's initial on it! Beautiful)

(I love this one! Taking someone on a trip? How cute to wrap the tickets in an actual map, used as wrapping paper!)

 (S0 maybe I'll just buy a snowflake ornament, rather than making one out of string. Too crafty:) But, I could do that wide band of ribbon and use a white-out pen to make snowflake dots!)

 (My girls are always making snowflakes for the windows. Why not get them to help you when wrapping gifts! Use their snowflakes and add a cinnamon stick or candy cane on top. This is also less pressure for the bow to be perfect as it's now not the center of attention!)

 (Everyone now say together, "Awwww." But really, how cute? And EASY! And NO BOWS anywhere!!!)

 (So even though these LOOK crafty -- I could totally handle this. And any child would think this was the neatest thing ever!!)

 (Wrapping a wide piece of burlap around my package would cover up the bad wrap job. And sticking a piece of rosemary, boxwood, anything green, would look cute and wouldn't require that much craftiness! Perfect!)


So whatever your angle is on gift wrapping this season -- remember not to let it stress you out. Life is too short, and you can always default to the no-fail gift bag:)





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(All images taken from Pinterest. These can all be seen on my "Giftwrap" board, to see website source where they came from).