The Soul of a Home


The latest issue of Architectural Digest featured several celebrity homes as their main headline. And let's admit it, featuring the Kardashian sisters as their cover models was a well thought out (and sales-wise brilliant) idea. Love them or hate them, they are a hot topic right now. And hot topics sell stories (and magazines). I'll confess, I was one of the thousands who picked up an issue to see just how their homes looked inside. Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian both used the same designer, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, for their homes. Although the sisters have very different taste from each other, Bullard was able to pull off designing two stunning homes - filled with gorgeous color, fabric, art and more.

So, why am I writing this post? Well, as I was looking at these glossy photographs, page after page of stunning decor, it occurred to me that there was nothing personal about these homes. I could have photoshopped a number of other celebrities into this space and would any of you really have ever known otherwise? These homes, although beautiful, had nothing in them that really told me any more about Kourtney or Khloe than their reality show already had. The souls of their homes were missing. 

So what does that mean? Soul of your home? Essentially, the soul of your home should be a window to the world, showing them who you are and what matters to you. Different items that represent times and/or events from your past, photographs of moments from your life, inherited items that reflect your heritage and collections that share insights about your personality and interests.

In the Architectural Digest article, I found it interesting that Bullard was the only one who was interviewed about the space. He brilliantly rattled off names of artists, artisans, vintage chairs, rare fabrics, etc that were all purchased for these homes. But not once were the sisters talking about a piece they had salvaged from their past, or even spoke about something that was special or sentimental to them. I can guarantee you, if my home was going to be featured in ANY magazine - I would be making sure to show things that represented me and only me...not just pointing out the new sectional in my den or the chandelier that was found on a showroom floor.

But the soul of a home goes deeper than just material things. It's the spirit that a home captures from the family living within. The way you can look at a room and know instantly more about the people who live there. Where everything is not so perfect, so put together, so untouched. So DESIGNED. 

Martyn Lawrence Bullard did what his clients asked of him and designed two beautiful homes. But do these homes tell me anything personal about the Kardashians? Do I see any parts of their history in these rooms? Do I see the soul of their homes? Unfortunately the answer for me is no. 

Whether you are in your first or your fifth home, it's always important to bring the essence of who you are into where you are living. And whether you are designing on a dime or are giving a blank check to a designer -- remember to stay true to your roots and yourself. Let your home be a nod to your past and a reflection of your present. And most importantly, make sure visitors can always see the soul of your home.